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Proposing an Approach and Assessment in Community Collaboration

Drawing on your previous assignments, your final project will demonstrate your understanding of the context and purpose of the task force, will propose an approach and assessment of the community collaboration, will present rationale and reflection of your recommendations, and will demonstrate communication skills. You are to consider yourself as the leader of the task force and an employee of the organization based on the Unit 4 assignment. You are to use the community identified in the assignment in Unit 2 and the social problem identified in the discussion in Unit 5. Your audience is the task force comprised of stakeholders from the assignment in Unit 7.

Your final project will consist of three pieces:

An overview of the initiative (1000–1150 words) plus title page and references.

An appendix of communications with the task force.

A PowerPoint presentation to introduce the stakeholders to the new initiative, potential approaches, and evaluation methods. Use slide notes to indicate what you would say during the presentation.

Initiative Overview: This section of your paper is 1000–1250 words plus references that provide an overview of the task force, your organization as lead, the community and its social problem, historical issues, and diversity in stakeholders.

Based on the current community problem that has been identified, you are to consider different community outreach approaches to address the issue. While you may present several options to the task force, you need to determine which ones are most appropriate and, specifically, which one is the best fit. As you recognize that the task force is going to be held accountable for its work, you also need to propose assessment approaches that would pair with the community outreach approaches you propose. In addition, you will need to support recommendations with theory, models, and scholarly literature. The paper will be a scholarly reflection presenting your rationale for your choices in approach, in assessment, and in communication.

Appendix of Communications: This is a collection of exemplars on how you as the task force leader communicate with potential stakeholders and, specifically, task force members. Each item in the appendix should come with its own face sheet describing the type of communication, its purpose, its audience, and the rationale for this medium of communication. Literature is recommended to strengthen your choice of content and medium.

As a good practice, a leader would e-mail the task force an agenda, handouts, and PowerPoint slides as note pages with narrative prior to the meeting. These documents will be your appendix for the paper.

A PowerPoint Presentation With Speaker Notes: This is a presentation that would be given to the stakeholders to introduce the new initiative, potential approaches, and evaluation. Utilize the slide notes to present your narrative to accompany the slides and strengthen the demonstration of integrating the literature through in-text citations.

As the task force leader, you are to provide structure and direction for the newly developed initiative. To lead this task force, you will need to orient the group to the purpose and context of the task force as well as provide options and recommendations for proceeding with this interagency community collaboration.

Project Requirements

To achieve a successful project experience and outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements:

Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

Number of references: Minimum of eight scholarly references from appropriate periodicals, newspapers, and journals.

APA formatting: The paper must be completed using APA (6th edition) style and formatting.

Paper length: Your paper should be 9–10 pages, not including the title page and references.

Paper format: Break your paper into sections for each of these areas:

An overview of the initiative (1000–1150 words) plus title page and references.

An appendix of communications with the task force.

PowerPoint Presentation: Your presentation should be 10–11 slides long and include title and reference slides. It should be visually engaging, and include slide notes showing what you would say during the presentation. APA style need not be followed except for references.

This assignment is to be uploaded as one PDF file.


Proposing an Approach and Assessment in Community Collaboration Scoring Guide.

APA Style and Format.

Writing Resources.

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Running Head: MANAGEMENT     1
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
ative Overview of the Problem    3
Conclusion    7
References    8
Appendix of Communication    10
Providing a community service comes under the human service agency. This agency looks after the factor that the special community needs are addressed and based on that the appropriate results and the services are provided. The social service agency is the part of the larger continuum of the care services and it engages with the economic aspect and the social policies regarding the regulation and laws. In this article the recommendation for the community service will be provided along with the identification of the problems on the community level and the necessary solutions that will be provided along with the coordination and cooperation from the stakeholders.
ative Overview of the Problem
In the assessment made by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services it has been showed the impact of the drug abuse and addiction among juveniles. Prentice (2018) has discussed that being the alcohol a legal drug, there is no restriction with respect to the consumption made on the alcohol. Therefore this is creating a serious problem. Further the use of tobacco is also in rise among the youths who are getting on the path of the destruction from a very early age.
Cheng, Kaakarli, Breslau and Anthony (2018) have further added that there are many factors that result into the increase of the drug use at a very early age such as family roles, pregnancy, group of people and the mental illness can be a reason for the influence for the drug use. Jauegui, Astevez and U
iola (2016) have further discussed that Firfax in United States is the first county where the highest household income is present.
This county is the house of the diverse group of people and they are all belonging from different parts such as Asian and Pacific Islanders, Hispanic/ Latino, Black people and many more. This shows the numbers of the people from different origin are staying at one place and they all are having a good amount of income. Michael Siegel and Naimi (2016) have added that the people staying the Firefax are having a major number of people consuming alcohols.
Around 22 percent of the population below the age of 12 have been engaged in the act of consuming a minimum of five alcoholic drinks on one single occasion. Further 9.16 percent of the children’s at the age of 12 years of age are dependent on the illicit drugs or on alcohol. This shows that the people living in the Fairfax community are more vulnerable to the drug and alcohol abuse.
As per the historical aspect of the place it has been said that in different American countries, the Afro-American are treated specifically because of the presence of different groups such as Hispanic or the Latin American and the presence of Caucasians in a large number. However, with the changing times, the numbers of the Hispanic people are increasing in large number. French (2019) have further mentioned that in the past times the Afro-American peoples faced a lot of pressure in the society because of the insult and...

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