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pls note that this is "'supplementary assessment'' i gave my all assignment on tfth but i didnot get good marks in some pls make sure this is final assignment and i want good marks this...

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pls note that this is "'supplementary assessment'' i gave my all assignment on tfth but i didnot get good marks in some pls make sure this is final assignment and i want good marks this is last chance for this subject so pls make this assignment good so i get good marks

pls read care fully ppt and marking rubric

pls note ref style APA and 12-16 academic resources
peer reviewed journal articles and university level texts;it does not refer to Wikipedia or general websites and magazinespls put all ref list in right place dont put randomly use ref list on right placepls read ppt all detail given
any query pls call me or msg me
•Title page •Introduction (10-15%) –Background –Aims/ objectives –Scope •Discussion (70-80%) –Contextual factor/s and their impact •Conclusion (10-15%) •Reference list
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Tp Academic answered on Jul 18 2020
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Table of Contents
Introduction    2
Discussion    3
Organisational structure    3
External and internal environmental forces    4
SWOT analysis of Mastermyne    6
Analysis of risks    7
Business practices to boost organisational performance    7
Conclusion    8
Reference List    9
Starting and managing a business is not an easy task to do. People, process, and technology are the three top factors, to begin with, a management or a business. There are some other aspects too, which also have more or less the same meaning while starting a business, for example, operations, accounting, strategy, finance, and marketing. All these components are treated as helping hands where management and business is a concern.
This present study aims to provide management and business context of Mastermyne which is a mining company mostly dealing with resources, ports, industrial, and infrastructure products and resources. The study is all about portraying the organisational structure, external and internal environmental forces, associated risks that impact Mastermyne's business. For the success of the study, the overview of the organisation also has been described regarding developing employees’ engagement, their performance, customer satisfaction, profitability, predictability, and all.     
As the study is all about a management and business context, a company has been selected here. Mastermyne develops a management theme considering its business analysis. Within the Australian resource industry, the long-term planning of Mastermyne covers all the possible areas where the development can be seen.   
To provide a discussion of Mastermyne’s organisational structure, analysis of risk (any), external and internal environmental forces that may impact the business.
To describe its business practice decisions that can utilise to increase organisational performance.
All the authentic information has considered here for the fulfilment of the study on Management and Business. The study can be used further as a secondary source of information on the same topic.
Organisational structure
Most of the organisations have built an organisational structure for the reason of outlining and maintaining their organisational mission and objectives. In the words of Bessler et al. (2018) based on the long-term goals and objective, organisations considered positive outcomes, and for these reasons, organisational structures are developed. In the same way, Mastermyne has also set up its organisational structure by maintaining its mission, vision, goals, and objectives. The management of Mastermyne believes that the culture of their organisation must meet its production scenario and abide by safety measures (, 2018).
As the organisation believes "in to be a world-class provider of contracting service" as their vision, the management is concern about the two most important things- safety always, proactive & passionate. As commented by Pearlson, Saunders & Galletta (2016) the purpose of Mastermyne is evident and goal-oriented that is to develop more value through the long-term delivery of specialised contract services to operations in service especially in ports and heavy industrial sectors (Fonseca, 2015). After determining the functions and organisational priorities, it is believed that Mastermyne has been following functional organisational structure since for a very long time by adequately outlining a list of priorities and functions for advancements.
Figure 1: Mastermyne Organisational Structure
(Source: Influenced from Herzallah, Gutié
ez & Munoz Rosas, 2014)
As expressed by Wheelen et al. (2017) based on its, sole trader, partnership, and its operational activities, Mastermyne successfully built its hierarchical structure to meet the needs of the present evolving market what the management want to do every day.
External and internal environmental forces
In the real world, a business concept may prove imperfect; due to some external and internal environmental forces, it may happen which have a direct impact on organisations movements (Oshlag & Wagner, 2016). Such external factors are there, for example, the economy, competitions, politics which are the causes of having an impact on organisational activities. Similarly, such internal factors, for example, employees, finance, organisational culture also
ing the same scenario on organisations. In the case of Mastermyne, it is believed that the economic situations of NSW and QLD have been growing day by day and for this particular reason economy plays an important function to make Mastermyne successful (Domingues, Sampaio & Arezes, 2015).
External environmental forces
The management of Mastermyne has spotted out future threats and opportunities and in the result; they reach the external factor, economy. The after effects are getting positive after determining the economy (Orozco, Tarhini & Tarhini, 2015). Similarly, Mastermyne has successfully engaged a panel of training, research, and development platform where the employees are responsible for dealing with other organisational information such as- establishment of other organisations (competitors) within the same field, customer attention, competitive advantages, and government policies. All these crucial information have a significant effect on Mastermyne's business (, 2018). According to its business operations in quality mining services, coal producing services, Mastermyne achieves not only strategic acquisitions but also able to provide a range of specialists' services where they are required the most.
Internal environmental factors
In the same fashion, the internal environmental factors- staffs, company culture, and money have also taken care of by the management to find out any gap to...

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