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Please watch the TED Talk video and answer all bullets. I provided the link just click on it.

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As you have learned in this module, engaging and involving parents in their children’s counseling can be a challenge. For children who are at high-risk for trauma, instability, mental health problems, and delinquency, family involvement is especially important. But there is another type of parental involvement - over-parenting or “helicopter” parenting, as it is sometimes known - that can be detrimental to children and can complicate the counseling process.
Main Response
For this discussion, begin by watching this TED Talk by Julie Lythcott-Haims. Then, review the assigned article by Michael Ungar.  Develop a main response in which you address the following questions:
1. How might an over-involved parent complicate the counseling process for children and teens?
2. What strategies would you use to help parents understand their overparenting behaviors and the effects they have on the child?
3. How might you work with a parent who wanted to be very involved in their teenager’s counseling sessions, against the wishes of the teen himself?
4. The Ungar article discusses the idea that overprotection is not necessary in environments that are generally very safe.  How would you approach a family counseling situation in which the child faces very real threats to safety such as community violence, gang involvement, or high rates of involvement with drugs?  
Click below to see the video so you can answer the questions:
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Complications Caused by Over-Involved Parenting    3
Strategies to Address Overparenting Behaviors    3
Managing Parental Involvement Against Teen Wishes    3
Addressing Safety Concerns in High-Risk Environments    4
Conclusion    4
References    5
In counselling, the effects of overly engaged parents on kids and teenagers are a major wo
y. This study looks at the issues that arise when parents become too engaged in counselling sessions, how to deal with those kinds of behaviours, how to handle parental engagement when an adolescent does not want it, and how to handle safety problems in family counselling.
Complications Caused by Over-Involved Parenting
· Counseling Process: By erecting obstacles to the counsellor-child's free communication; overly engaged parents might impede the counselling process. Their persistent meddling may...

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