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please use Human Resources as the occupation

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SOC 215: Sociology of Work and Organizations
Midterm Essay (18 points)
5-pages – double spaced typed
DUE: Week 7
Since March 2020, we experienced transformations in the world of work we could have never seen
coming. The pandemic forced many of us to flee our workplaces and to retool to work from home,
while for others, staying on at our jobs and in our workplaces raised concerns about life and death quite
literally. Still others simply lost their jobs as businesses folded.
So much changed. And the was so much uncertainty. And, for many, there still is.
Your job in this essay is to write about the impact of COVID on work, the way that work is and was
organized, and the impact on organizations themselves.
As you think about how you will approach writing this essay, I encourage you to review what we have
covered so far in our course regarding the
oad range of historical, social, economic, and political
transformations and trends over time in what we do at work and how we are organized to do it. Before
zeroing in on what’s happened during the pandemic, in other words, think about the kinds of radical
shifts in the world of work that have already taken place in history. Things happened that account for
those big changes. Will the pandemic related jolts to work persist once it is ‘safe’ to return to ‘normal?’
We just don’t know. Not yet, anyway.
In this 5-page, double-spaced paper, discuss the changes in both what we do at work and how we’ve
e-oriented ourselves to do it since the onset of the pandemic. Discuss the changes both to society as
a whole and if possible, to the kind of work you do, to your specific job and to the organization you
work for. Think about (and write about) the impact of these changes and what we have learned
about how we did things at work prior to the pandemic that are missed, or things that are not missed.
Make reference to at least 5 of the following concepts, principles, theorists, or trends as you write about
these pandemic-related changes and their impact on work and organizations:

Time and work

Clock-driven work
Traditional versus
‘rational’ approaches
to organizing work

Ascribed status

Achieved status
Division of labor Hierarchical decision-
Trust and
Industrial revolution
Labor processes Mechanized
Capitalism Service sector of the
Factory work Luddite attacks Scientific management Assembly line Post-industrial revolution
Bureaucracy Bureaucratic
Rationality Formal roles and
Coordination of work
Deskilling Karl Marx Max Weber Frederick Taylor McDonaldization
Routinization Technological
Hierarchical authority Managerial control Commuting to work
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Impact of COVID-19 on work
COVID-19 is a global pandemic which has affected the world of work (Agba, 2020). COVID-19 has radically changed the lives of the people in such a way that it has distu
ed the life’s and economy across the world (Khan, 2021). Besides, it resulted in the financial crisis, lot of unemployment, depression and increased the poverty and has raised the financial inequalities. The pandemic has resulted in the long-term impacts on the health, economy and wellbeing of the people (Ba
on, 2021). The present essay discusses about the some of the principles or concepts or theories of the pandemic and their impact on the organizational growth.
Principles/concepts/theories associated with the pandemic-related changes and impact on organizations
Time and work
With pandemic it has taken sometime by the employees to adjust to the new working style of digital adaption (Contreras, 2020). Besides, the other problem is long working hours followed by increased workload had resulted in the mental distress of the employees. As there is a decrease in the recruitment of new employees by 50 % there is an increased burden among the existing employees (Montague, 2015). Both time and the workload are interconnected with each other i.e. increased work load will consume lot of time to complete and decreased work will have less time to complete the work. Even the job posts related to the work from home has increased to sustain the economic activity due to limitations of the sheltering recommendations (Son, 2021). It was also understood that the people with the technical skills have survived the COVID-19 pandemic period to manage their daily needs and those with less or no technical skills has ended up in poverty (Buheji, 2020).
Trust and motivation
From the published literature research studies, to overcome the workloads during pandemic the managers are engaged to promote motivation, support and help them with the work-related issues (Miawati, 2021). It is very important to encourage the employees because their working skills will have direct reflection on their productivity. It was understood from the literature that most of the organizational managers have used self-determination theory to engage the employees effectively in work by continuous motivation and improving their self-confidence to complete the task within deadlines (Michie, 2002). The leaders have encouraged the employees with three physiological needs such as relatedness, competence and Autonomy. The relatedness psychological need is associated with providing care to the employees and building trust that they are valued. This can be done by acknowledge them and providing appreciation for the achievements. Besides, the managers are engaged to take feedback from the employees to know about the problems they are facing and what additional...

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