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Please read the instructions and answer the bullets. Please also write what you learned and your thoughts. I provided the links please click on them. I also need a reference sheet.

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Web activity
Complicating Factors - Intersectionality, Acculturation, and Stigma
Explore at least two of the online resources below and then discuss what you have learned:
· Watch this video Intersectionality 101 (3 minutes in length, captioned, 2016)
· Read this
ief article Understanding Stigma and choose at least two of the First Person Experience videos to watch.
· Read this
ief article about acculturative stress.
Think about how each of these concepts--intersectionality, stigma, and acculturative stress--might impact at-risk youth.  Submit a 200-word summary of your thoughts and reactions.
When submitting your assignment, be sure to include:
· Overall purpose of the resources
· Summary of the articles or videos - main theme and major points
· What you learned
· Your Reaction to the resource s- what questions the resource prompted you to have, what was most interesting or surprising and why, etc.
· How you would use this information to advocate on behalf of at risk youth.
Intersectionality 101 link below click:
Understanding Stigma link below click:
Acculturative stress link is below:
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Bidusha answered on Dec 01 2023
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Complicating Factors – Intersectionality and Acculturation                 2
Table of Contents
Acculturative stress    3
Intersectionality 101    4
References    6
Acculturative stress
Changes in values, activities, beliefs, attitudes, and different areas of working are essential for assimilation, or adjusting to another culture. These adjustments are every now and again hard for individuals, families, and networks associated with the cycle. Acculturative stress is the term used to depict the pressure that outcomes from challenges with assimilation. In my opinion, acculturative stress is unmistakable from regular stress encounters in that it is accepted to result from semantic and cultural disparities between the individual abso
ing and the host culture or country. Also, it is imagined that acculturative stress is more unequivocally associated with uneasiness side effects than despondency side effects, and it is all the more straightforwardly connected to the presence of pessimistic emotions than the absence of lovely emotions (Administrator, 2016).
ent conceptualizations of acculturative stress have arisen to a great extent from observational examinations with outsider gatherings, notwithstanding the way that the experience of acculturative stress is important for any singular living in different cultural universes, just like the case for some ethnic and racial minority people
ought into the world in the US. The greater part language capacity, absorption pressure,...

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