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Please prepare a final 5- to 10-minute presentation on one of the following topics: Why we should visit a destination (attractions, landmarks, culture, food, etc.). You are the marketing director...

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Please prepare a final 5- to 10-minute presentation on one of the following topics:

  • Why we should visit a destination (attractions, landmarks, culture, food, etc.). You are the marketing director of the Travel & Tourism office for a particular city or country. Convince us to visit.

  • Any other business topic (for example, you can tell us about your current job/company)

You can use PowerPoint, Canva, or other presentation tools. There are links in the FINAL PRESENTATION module that will help. I am also available to meet via Zoom to help you with any presentation software.

You must narrate your presentation and you can include a video of yourself within the presentation, but it is not required (this is very easy to do in PowerPoint). When you are narrating the presentation, please do not simply read the words on each slide.

Plz do a ppt and a word dox for the mp4 presentation.

Answered Same Day May 24, 2023


Dipali answered on May 24 2023
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Slide 1
Why we should visit a destination ?
Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Good morning, afternoon, or evening. I'd like to use this opportunity to explain to you why Barcelona ought to be your next holiday destination. I cordially encourage you to embark on a tour of this wonderful city with me as your guide as I serve as the marketing director of the Travel & Tourism office. The city of Barcelona provides a special fusion of dynamic energy, history, art, and architecture. Barcelona has something for every traveller with its magnificent Medite
anean shoreline, rich cultural past, and delectable cuisine. Let's look at why Barcelona should be at the top of our list of places to visit
At first lets get a short introduction on our topic for today.
Why Barcelona?
Barcelona is a place that attracts tourists from all over the world. It distinguishes itself from other cities with its distinctive fusion of history, art, architecture, and energetic vitality. Barcelona has plenty to offer everyone, regardless of whether you're a history buff, an art connoisseur, a foodie, or just looking for a special experience. Visitors to this city are drawn in by its unmistakable attractiveness, which includes both its magnificent Medite
anean shoreline and its extensive cultural legacy. Let's examine Barcelona's advantages as a travel destination in more detail.
Architectural Marvels
The Sagrada Familia is one of Barcelona's architectural wonders and is considered to be its crowning achievement. This basilica, created by the visionary architect Antoni Gaud, is a work of art in both design and construction. Visitors are in awe of its exquisite exterior and
eathtaking interiors. As soon as you enter, a kaleidoscope of colours and a feeling of spiritual transcendence will su
ound you. For those who enjoy art and architecture, the Sagrada Familia is a must-see location that provides a singular experience that is unmatched anyplace else in the world.
Historical Gems
Investigate Barcelona's Gothic Quarter to become fully immersed in its long history. This complex...

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