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Task 1 Based on the information in the ‘Servicing Customers’ Needs’ section of the case study, answer each question below: a) Identify two external customer relationships. Briefly describe the needs...

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Task 1

Based on the information in the ‘Servicing Customers’ Needs’ section of the case study, answer each question below:


a)    Identify two external customer relationships. 

Briefly describe the needs and wants of each of the external customers nominated.  (50 words)


b)    Identify one internal customer relationship.

Briefly describe the needs and wants of that customer. (50 words)


c)    Identify a key customer service issue. (100 words)


(a)  Explain the resource limitation (e.g. in terms of costs, time, people) that impact on the issue you have identified

(b)  Show how you would resolve the issue.


Task 2

Based on the information in the ‘Customer Service Standards and Benchmarks’ section of the case study, answer each question below:


a)    Amira describes a customer service standard against which the provision of customer service can be measured.

An example is provided below. Suggest one other activity and propose a customer service standard from either organisation for that activity. Develop three specific actions aimed at ensuring your proposed standard is met.

Use the following format to present your response.



Standard to be met

Actions to ensure standard is met

Answering the phone at reception

Phone to be answered within three rings

1. Determine call rates by time of day

2. Ensure adequate staffing to meet call demand

3. Train staff in phone handling techniques



b)    Design a form that could be used by one of the organisations for recording informal comments made by customers. Include the type of information to be recorded and who should receive the completed forms. (Note: This is not a customer survey, rather a document produced for internal use to record customer service related issues and possible follow up action by a relevant person in the organisation)        


c)    John mentions the importance of linking staff with a mentor. (150 words)

(a)  Explain the difference between coaching and mentoring.


(b)  Choose and justify an appropriate coaching or mentoring process that could be used by one of the organisations to help ensure that staff effectively meet customer needs.


Task 3

Based on the information in the ‘Level and Quality of Customer Service’ section of the case study, answer each question below:


a)    Organisations survey their customers in order to determine how effectively they are delivering their stated customer service standards and whether the needs and wants of their customers are being met.

Using a free online survey tool such as, develop a short survey for one of the organisations that could be used to gain information from customers on their level of satisfaction with the provision of customer service by that organisation. The survey should include the following:-


(a)   A short introduction including the purpose of the survey

(b)   Five scaled response question (e.g.: Extremely dissatisfied, Quite dissatisfied, Neither satisfied or dissatisfied, Quite satisfied, Extremely satisfied)

(c)   Two open ended questions

(d)   Option for general comments


Note: You may either provide a screen shot of your survey or reproduce it as evidence of using the online survey tool.


b)    Suggest a situation when feedback (either a complaint or a compliment) from one stakeholder in the case study may have been ignored, not acknowledged, or considered unimportant. Suggest how you think the customer might react in this situation. (50 words)


c)    John states that information an organisation holds can often highlight issues associated with the delivery of quality customer service (e.g.: records showing the amount of repeat business of customers).

Nominate two possible records that may be used to show how well service is being provided. In each case outline what information these records provide which could assist management to deliver quality customer service. (50 words)


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Running Header: Customer Service – Assessment 1                1
Customer Service – Assessment 1        8
Customer Service – Assessment 1
Customer Service – Assessment 1
Task 1
Question A
· External customer relationship #1
The relationship between the customer service executive, Jessica and the clients purchasing the pharmaceutical supplies
Customer Needs / Wants: high quality pharmaceutical products with required specification / standards and suitably priced.
· External customer relationship #2
The relationship between the gym instructor, Amira and the clients seeking training / exercising classes
Customer Needs / Wants: effective and suitable form of training that is pertinent to their age type, physique and overall fitness expectations.    
Question B
· Internal customer relationship #1
The relationship between the customer service manager and customer service executive in the customer service team
Customer Needs / Wants: the customer service executive shall need / want suitable guidance, support and leadership guide for delivering superior performance.
Question C
The critical customer issues identified in the case study presented concerns the lack of empowerment and freedom to ensure effective communication between the staffs, that is, internal customers, which contrasts to the customer service executive who have detailed scripted and effective communication guidance for interaction with customers
a. The resource available for any organization is finite and the same necessitates the optimal allocation of the same. In this context, the managers consider customers over the internal stakeholders and hence the issue arises by allocating more resources for the customers rather than staff members.
. A gradual and incremental steps without an significant resource requirement but by way of volunteered efforts can aid in resolving this issue over time.
Task 2
Question A
    Standard to be met
    Actions to ensure standard is met
    Designing exercise schedule and plan for specific group of customers
    Meets the fitness goals of specific customer groups as well as does not cause fatigue / pain
    1. Compliance to recommended...

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