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David answered on Dec 24 2019
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Personal and Professional Developmental Plan Using SMART Goals
                    Course Name
Self Assessment: Personal Developmental Plan
    Setting up the personal developmental plan, though it appears to be an easy going factor while determining, is one of the most important and sensitive factors in the process of growth of any individual. For me, maintaining the work life balance is the significant aspect that I would prefer giving a thought—this is the first thing that I have identified after having quality feedbacks from my colleagues and mates. In the coming two years, I will be maintaining that work life balance for me which is mostly argued in the modern professional context i.e. the modern professionals are said to have issues with coping up their personal lives along with maintaining the ideal repo with their professional ones. In other words, the professional work is ca
ied to home and personal affairs affect the working at professional area.
    In terms of analyzing the same for me, I cu
ently think that I am slightly unmanaged in this context. When the pressure of the work appears to be dominating my work life balancing goes distu
ed for a while. I belong to a joint family where all of us have some kind of professional background. My parents and my siblings all are independent and it gives a background from where I have inherited respecting the work and handling the pressure well. Though there is a sense of ‘financial security’ for me as I have a strong family backup, I am always encouraged to stand on my own which is the best thing I might have learned so far. In the light of the same concept inherited, I perceive ad analyze my chances in the sales and marketing sector.
The career opportunities in the field of sales and marketing are immense; they call for an urgent action for which I am prepared personally as well as...

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