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MNG00785 Assessment Task 3 Rubric Criteria Weight Scale 1 Scale 2 Scale 3 Scale 4 Scale 5 Description of situation 20% Description inadequate Description attempted, but lacks clarity or is verbose...

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MNG00785 Assessment Task 3 Ru
Criteria Weight Scale 1 Scale 2 Scale 3 Scale 4 Scale 5
Description of
20% Description
attempted, but lacks
clarity or is ve
attempted but lacks

Description is succinct
and quite clear
Description is
succinct, clear and
Integration with
45% No connection to
Connection to theory
attempted but
Demonstrates a basic
understanding of how
the theory relates to
the situation

Uses theory in a
competent way to
analyse the situation
Uses theory in a
sophisticated way to
analyse the situation
Logical reflective
essay structure
20% No reflective
structure; may focus
more upon
description than
eflection; may not
use theory
Uses some semblance
of a reflective
Uses a basic reflective
structure that
connects experience
with theory
Uses a competent
eflective structure
that connects
experience with at
three theoretical

Uses a sophisticated
eflective structure
that connects
experience with at
five or more
theoretical resources
References 15% References absent Some references
present, but are not
elevant (possible
sham referencing)
Some references
present and relevant,
and focus upon the
Textbook, the PMBoK,
and/or the
MyReadings, but may
contain significant

References present
and relevant, and
focus upon the
Textbook, the PMBoK,
and/or the
MyReadings, but may
contain e
References accurate,
present and relevant,
and focus upon the
Textbook, the PMBoK,
and/or the

Assessment 3: Reflective essay
MyReflection A critical evaluation of your experience undertaking a project, with reference to theory.
Engaging in critical evaluation
This critical evaluation essay requires you to review your experience of undertaking a project – Assessment Task 2. It requires you to critically analyse your experience undertaking Assessment Task 2 in light of the theory we have discussed this session. You are required to critically evaluate how you and your team members did – or did not – utilise the project management tools that you have discovered this session.
Critically discuss how your experience in Assessment Task 2 aligned (or did not align) with project management principles. Analyse your experience against at least three (3) knowledge areas. You may choose to use positive or negative experiences, although students tend to learn more from reflecting on negative experiences in a reflective essay. You will be expected to:
• Introduce the essay
• BRIEFLY describe the situation/s you are going to discuss
• Link the experience to the theory we have discussed this session
• Provide insight into how you engaged in, or contributed to, the situation
• Provide insight, in light of what you have experienced and learned, into what you would do differently the next time you undertake a project
• Conclude the essay You must refer to the literature and use at least three (3) different textbook or academic quality references.
Marking criteria You will be marked on your ability to:
• critically evaluate three (3) knowledge areas, identifying your own interaction and the interaction of others
• integrate and reflect on personal experiences, collaborative learning processes and theory
• use a logical structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and be within 10% of word count
• use at least three references to support your discussion, using Harvard referencing
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Kuldeep answered on May 28 2020
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Project Assignment: Reflective Essay
Project Assignment: Reflective Essay
Student Name
University Name
Authorizations are the important part of the projects manager part, therefore it is important to identify responsibilities as well as roles early in the projects. Apply RACI model may help. Because project manager’s, it is very significant to determine expectations of people who also involved in the project from outset. The project needs the participation of many people, but how to avoid people struggling to complete the report. The equally complicated are dealing with situations where no one will be having ownership moreover make decisions. People also know their point of responsibilities; when they must have their project’s managers involved, and they must exercise their personal judgments. In article, I reflect my experience in the project. I chose the positive and negative experiences I gained during project implementation (Mascia, 2014).
The purpose of the communication plan is to determine who needs to understand and understand the project, how to distribute the information, how often it is distributed, and who is responsible for distribution. It is part of the overall project management plan.
In the second week, we analyzed how to choose and implement different projects. I learned how to apply different projects in my environment. These projects helped me analyze the reasons for these projects. When considering future job motivations, it is a valuable skill to be able to distinguish the different causes of a project. This module gas provides a solid overview of what I need to consider when planning and executing a large project. I learned to develop critical decision techniques and how to monitor and control the project (Spagnuolo and Onofri, 2016). This task taught me how to integrate the role of strategic project management into the organizational life cycle and changing business environment. Throughout the entire week, I learned different concepts related to project management. For example, I understand the project charter and the scope of the project. I understand the...

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