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please find the attachement
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Soma answered on Jul 13 2020
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Apple – Innovation , Design and Thinking and Steve Jobs
1. In the students view, how does innovation and strategy work together at  Apple? 
Apple is one of the best organisations which manufactures ipad, laptop, computer and computer accessories across the world. The key to its success is the innovation of products, process, customer experience and leadership. Creativity and innovation are the buzzwords in Apple. Coupled with its creativity is the high end leadership of its leader and innovator Steve Jobs under whose leadership Apple has made tremendous success.
The vision of Steve Jobs to make computer accessable to every man working at his desk has given the company an edge over the other manufacturers of computer and laptop . “Innovation and strategy work hand in hand with Apple and it is a very tactful handling of the strategy that gives the organisation an edge over others to play on. The various ecosystems are leveraged with customers. Stakeholders , employees and retailers to make the business grow”( Mooreland , 2011).
2.     Identify the innovation approach Apple has successfully used to identify  customers’ needs, and how did it help them to continue to stay ahead of the  competition? 
Apple has successfully worked with the innovation approach to satisfy its customers to get the best out of its products. First was the vision of Steve Jobs who made it easy for computer to reach the working desk of the common man. This segment was untouched by the companies till a long time and Apple
oke through with its innovation to serve the category. Apple makes a product and process approach which is in for continual development. The ecosystem of hardware of Apple is complemented and connected by its own software . This is one reason why the company has invaded more among the customers than its competitors . Apple has a wide control on the product range and has been able to
anch out beyond the conventional product of desktop and the laptop. “This has helped the company gain its
and identity and liked and purchased by more customers than its competitors. In spite of the facilities provided the company keeps the price range at an affordable range which other companies may have charged more providing the same kind of amenities” (Feinberg, 2012).
3) What role did Apple’s people have, in the company constantly coming up with  innovative products, and how did the culture at Apple encourage/discourage  them? 
The recent passing of Steve Jobs has
ought into limelight the company that he has formed and the culture that largely influenced its people. Some words such as simple, elegant and innovative are the...

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