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Executive brief · For this project, you chose an interesting company (already picked apple) and played the role of a consultant as you monitored and assessed your company's Social CRM strategy and...

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· For this project, you chose an interesting company (already picked apple) and played the role of a consultant as you monitored and assessed your company's Social CRM strategy and activities
· Now you are “pitching” an improved Social CRM strategy to the CEO of your company
· The executive
ief should follow the specific format given below. 
· The
ief will have two parts: a 1-2 page overview followed by details for each of the overview topics.
· Format:
Context – what it’s about/what it is
Importance – why it matters to your company and your partners and to your executive
Situation – what the cu
ent situation looks like for your company
Change – what needs to change and what needs to happen to make that change
“The Ask” – what specific thing(s) are you asking for and/or telling your exec to communicate
Call to Action – what specific next steps are required by your company and your partner(s)
Details – Q&A (FAQ) or other format to drill down on these elements
you are “pitching” an idea/strategy to an executive.
Important note: I am more interested in your ability to communicate your proposal thoroughly
and effectively than in whether your proposal is a “great” idea.
· While a typical
ief like this is about 10-15 pages long (not including the Appendix), there is no specific requirement for this assignment. 
· It is important to identify the sections in the Q&A clearly and link them to the sections in the Overview. (This means that you should label them in both places.)

Apple content strategy
Apple uses a lot of visual content in their social media specially Instagram and try to keep their social media strategy content and coherent.
· Twitter:
Apple use less hashtags on twitter and have no tweets on their main account however, they keep the retweet ratio less than 20% and post interesting visuals alongside all these tweets. Apple tries to keep their content relevant and keep their hashtags few and memorable.
· Facebook:
Apple use the visuals of facebook to effectively market their products and even though facebook is not their main social media for advertising, they still follow the recommended practices for sharing on social media.
· Instagram:
Apple does not post on Instagram daily or even every few days, that can be explained by their Instagram strategy focusing on promoting their cameras on their phones or by them being big enough, however they can still post daily to drive engagement and improve on that front. Apple also just post pictures on their and almost never post videos but they have other social medias like twitter and youtube for posting videos. I can’t know if they search their
and name or hashtags on there but I can seaftly assume that they do.
· I am not aware on any pintrest on specific linkden accounts for apple but they can make some business account to promote their company and image on their.
· Youtube:
Apple does not have a posting schedule and they do not post much but when they do they get a lot of clicks and attention, youtube is apple’s main platform for posting about their new proucts and reveals. Apple straw away from the mold the furthest on youtube, and doesn’t follow the regular social media strategy, however it is probably due to them being the best at these reveals and they set the trends and can afford not having a schedule or announcing things at an earlier date.

Apple social media profiles
· twitter:
Apple engage with their customers through their many twitter accounts and are fast at responding and addressing issues and concerns. However, they almost never retweet or amplify their customers voices and prefer to talk to customers one on one instead of recognizing statements from a group of customers. When it comes to hashtags apple is a mixed bag, they don’t have many good custom hangtags on twitter and they don’t use them that much but their other social media accounts namely on Instagram use them.
Apple use geo location tweets effectively and their performance on that front is top notch, they give attention to small unknown locations as well as big cities and towns.
Brand voice vs authenticity: apple struggle with this concept and it is up to personal judgment and feel but from my observation apple customer services on social media lack personality and authenticity specially when you compare them to other business in the fast-food section or media section, apple need to be less uptight about their image and let social media managers show some personality, people relate to real people and don’t like PR statements especially in this modern day and age.
Apple is good at handling hostile messages as on their accounts and mostly talk to customers in the DMs to avoid personal information leakage. Apple advertise their key notes events through all of social media but twitter gets the most buzz and apple’s event hashtag is always trending number one whenever they are holding an event.
· Facebook:
Facebook is not apple’s best social media profile however; they still have a business page and a group page. According to my research apple’s Facebook respond time is slightly slower than other social media accounts, implying that’s not where they get and interact with their key audience and customers, apple don’t use Facebook live much and when they do, they get much less views than their other live streams and keynotes, but they still have dedicated mods and jobs for monitoring their live chat. Apple still suffer from the authenticity on Facebook as well and their replies feel automated and not from other people.
· YouTube:
YouTube is one of apple’s strongest social media accounts, their reveals and teasers gets millions and millions of views and their keynotes events are mostly watched live on YouTube and
ings a lot of live viewers, apple also keep a close eye on customers on YouTube since it is the ideal place to review their product and give constructive criticism or praise features they like, it is a gold mine of valuable information worth more than normal company surveys since they are long videos full of customers thoughts and recommendations. Apple never collaborate with other
ands on YouTube unless It is on a product of theirs, also unlike their other social medias apple do not reply to YouTube comments for some reason. All in all, YouTube is one of apple’s top social media pages and pull a lot of views and engagements.
· Instagram:
Instagram Is also one of apple’s best social media accounts up there with twitter and YouTube, apple regularly engage with their customers there and regularly post on their insta story. Apple’s hashtags on Instagram are popular and wildly used and draw a lot of customer engagement. Apple also redirect you to their support accounts or any relative accounts if needed and the social media team on there is fast, active and professional. Their Instagram account and stories do not focus on their products directly like their other social media accounts, instead they post appealing pictures taken with the iPhone to promote it’s camera and features, also whenever they want to support a cause they promote it mainly on Instagram.
· Conclusion:
Apple’s social media accounts are a bunch of well-oiled machines and they complement each other, keeping YouTube for video hosting, Instagram for indirect products promotion, and twitter for direct product promotion and customer engagement. The only massive flaw I can see in their social media profiles is that most of the replies come off as automated and disingenuous, I’m sure they have good people working their but apple is so rigged about their social media posts and that can make them feel corporate and nobody can relate to that, they should allow their teams to express more personality while adhering to their guidelines, that will make people feel like they are talking to other people who genuinely understand and care and can relate and it will significantly post engagement and social media presence.
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Insha answered on Mar 12 2022
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Pitching an improved Social CRM strategy             1
Pitching an improved Social CRM strategy                         2
Pitching an improved Social CRM strategy
Table of Contents
Overview    3
Context    3
Importance    3
Situation    4
Change    4
“The Ask”    4
Call to Action    4
Details – Q&A (FAQ)    5
References    6
The software giant's CRM (customer relationship management) approach is how it keeps its billion-strong client base satisfied, hungry, and coming back for more. Apple has established one of the most lasting, fascinating, and enigmatic
ands of all time while ignoring traditional techniques of client retention — Jobs was famously averse to market research, and the business still doesn't have a formal loyalty system. Apple's CRM approach is based on the Apple ID, which is a single profile that is synced across all of your Apple devices. It's a never-ending, apparently endless data collection for Apple, allowing it to continually modify its services and re-engage users with hand-picked deals, discounts, and items. This tailored marketing not only works, but it also creates a sense of familiarity and devotion (Wang & Bashir, 2021).
A social CRM is important to the company as it takes the CRM technology to the next level by allowing real-time data interchange. It allows businesses to utilize social media to communicate with consumers in a...

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