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BA540 Winter 2022 Final Group Project This case mirrors the many aspects of business valuation discussed in Chapter 19. It also in a nutshell summarizes/connects the many knowledge and skills related...

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BA540 Winter 2022 Final Group Project
This case mi
ors the many aspects of business valuation discussed in Chapter 19. It also in a nutshell summarizes/connects the many knowledge and skills related to the valuation, cost of capital, and capital structure topics that we discussed and practiced throughout the term in our course assignments, quizzes, and group projects (that is intentional). You will find specific instructions regarding the assignment at the end of this case.
The goal is to present a compelling case to management based on the details below. Part of the grade is based on clear articulation of information, assumptions, thought process behind decisions, and conclusions. Please make your analyses clear and simple to follow. Remember that in the valuation process, there can be several acceptable ways to a
ive at an estimate. Therefore, it is important that you clearly articulate your reasons behind the choice made instead of just laying out a calculation.
Finally, note that many of the skills required to complete this case are presented in chapters XXXXXXXXXXI would advise you to carefully read those chapters before beginning the analysis.
MOVEFREE, INC.: Acquisition of
MoveFree, Inc., a publicly traded firm specialize in trendy and comfortable apparel has experienced a slow growth in sales and profitability in recent years due to increased competition and market saturation. In a board meeting discussing the next strategic move, MoveFree’s CEO, Rylee Farah, proposed that the firm should consider acquisition of new business and identified as a desirable target to consider. She described the motivation for the acquisition as follows: “We are running out of profitable investment opportunities in our core apparel business, and our shareholders expect us to continue to grow.  Therefore, we must look to acquisitions to expand into growing niche markets.” is a private company that specializes in providing customized orthopedic shoes and related products for people who have specific orthopedic needs and these who seek extra comfortableness and performance via customized ortho-design. While the market for providing customized orthopedic shoes for ortho-patients has remained stable, Rylee and her team see a high growth potential in the market for customized ortho-shoes in pursuit of greater comfortableness and higher performance.
MoveFree, Inc.’s common stock is cu
ently trading at $50 per share, and the firm has 100,000 shares outstanding.  The book value of the common stock is $20 per share.  However, as mentioned by Ms. Farah, sales had been slowing recently and the board was concerned that soon the share price would also begin to flag as investors figured out that the firm was running out of positive NPV investments.  The firm has $2,000,000 market value of bonds which was issued a year ago at a coupon rate of 6.5% and cu
ently trading at a yield to maturity of 6.2%.
Your team have been hired as a consultant to MoveFree to evaluate the proposed acquisition of  There is considerable dissension among senior management and the board about whether the acquisition should be undertaken. Your job is to perform a thorough analysis of the merits of the proposed acquisition and make a recommendation to senior management.
After several meetings with MoveFree management and a review of Ortholuv’s financial performance and industry structure, you gathered the data shown in Table 1 below. The Sales Revenue forecast is based on considerations of Ortholuv’s historical performance, industry forecast, and potential enhanced growth via cross-selling to MoveFree’s customer base. The forecast data in Table 1 does not include increased sales of MoveFree’s apparel via cross-selling to Ortholuv’s customer base and administrative cost savings due to economic of scope as a result of the acquisition. The management team estimates that the combined effect of increased sales and cost savings to MoveFree’s cu
ent operation has a present value of 1.2 million.
Table 1: Forecast Data for (in $’000) (Fiscal year end is March 31)
    Sales Revenue
    Investment in CapEx and NWC
    Interest payments
    122.4 cu
ently has $1,475,000 (market value) in long-term debt, with a coupon rate of 7%.  Its cost of goods sold (COGS) is expected to be 42% of sales revenues, and selling, general and administrative (SG&A) expenses are expected to be 15 percent of revenues.  The depreciation numbers listed above are already included in COGS percentage estimates.  The firm’s corporate tax rate is 40% and its cu
ent cost of bo
owing is 6.2%.
Your research indicates that Ortholuv has a target debt to value ratio of 15%, based on its assessment of the probability and costs of financial distress. You note that this is different from the capital structure of MoveFree and wonder how this would factor into your analysis.
Although is a rapidly growing company, your analysis of industry structure suggests that competition in the customized ortho-shoes market is likely to increase in the next few years and the boost in sales growth from cross-selling to MoveFree’s customer base will also start to stabilize.  Thus, you forecast that the perpetual growth rate for free cash flows beyond 2027 will be a more modest 2.0% per year.
Your analysis of market data yielded the information in Table 2 below.
Table 2: Market Data
ent yield to maturity on 30 year treasury bonds
ent yield to maturity on 3 month treasury bills
    Most recent 1-year return on the S&P 500
    Estimate of expected average return on the S&P 500 over the next 30 years
Your analysis of’s industry reveals that most of the firms in the industry, like Ortholuv, are private firms.  However, you find a close competitor,, that is in the same line of business and is publicly traded.  OrthoCare has a long-term target debt to equity ratio of 0.75, and has been historically quite close to that target.  Your analysis of OrthoCare’s historical returns against the market returns yields an equity beta of 1.5.  OrthoCare cu
ently has 50,000 common shares outstanding trading at $12 per share. OrthoCare had enjoyed a faster growth in the recent past since its IPO six years ago and it’s growth recently has been stabilized at a very modest rate around 2%. OrthoCare’s cu
ent company value to sales multiple is 4.5x, and company value to EBITA multiple is 10x.
The case is due on Tuesday of the final week.  Late submissions may be penalized and potentially lead to an incomplete grade for the course.
The case report (submitted in Word document or PDF file format) should be written according to the following format:
1. Introduction
2. Analysis
3. Conclusion
The introduction sets the stage for the work to follow and should consist of a short paragraph of the key problem(s) or issue(s) that your analysis addresses. The analysis will constitute the bulk of the written presentation and will be a direct response to the questions below.  Use clear, concise, and complete sentences.  Do not use bullet points or numbered paragraphs. The conclusion should be a short paragraph that summarizes the key points of the analysis.
Your report should be of reasonable length to address the issues/questions below.  Your report should also be accompanied with one Excel file that contains all your exhibits, clearly labeled, and appropriately referenced in the text of your report.
 Your analysis of “MoveFree, Inc.” should include answers to the questions below. Do not write the questions ve
atim in your report.  Instead, write a
ief introductory statement that summarizes the question before you proceed with your analysis.
 1)   What discount rate is appropriate for finding the value of
Write a few paragraphs giving your answer and clearly explaining your reasoning and computations; show detailed computations in your Excel spreadsheet labeled Exhibit 1.
 2)   What are the relevant cash flows for valuing Assume that your valuation is performed at the end of 2020, and that the values shown in Table 1 are end-of-year forecasts.
Write a few paragraphs giving your answer and clearly explaining your reasoning and computations; show detailed computations in your Excel spreadsheet labeled Exhibit 2.
 3)   Based on your answers to questions (1) and (2) above, what is the maximum price that MoveFree should pay to equity shareholders for
Write a few paragraphs giving your answer and clearly explaining your reasoning and computations; show detailed computations in your Excel spreadsheet labeled Exhibit 3.
 4)   Under what conditions might you consider recommending that management make a higher offer than your recommended price in (3) above?
No computations are necessary, just a short discussion.
Your report is intended for the senior management of MoveFree, Inc., so be sure that you write in a professional style that is easy to follow. 
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MOVEFREE, INC.: Acquisition of    1
MOVEFREE, INC.: Acquisition of    8
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Analysis    4
Conclusion    11
References    12
MoveFree Inc. is an apparel company and is experiencing slow growth rate along with poor profitability for the past few years. This was essentially due to the advent of covid-19 global pandemic combined with enhanced competition and saturation in the market. The CEO of the company, Rylee Farah proposed for acquisition of a firm and add it in its business. For this acquisition process they chosen She also stated that due to this acquisition the stakeholders will be motivated to stay associated with MoveFree Inc and the company will eventually be able to generate huge profits and growth. is a private company which manufactures orthopedic shoes and other products which are related to orthopedics. These shoes are very comfortable due to the ortho-designs. Further, the market for orthopedics shoes is stable, Rylee see great opportunity as the ortho-shoes are comfortable and are high performance due to its high quality.
Rylee and the management of MoveFree Inc. appointed a consultant for evaluation of the proposed acquisition of But there is disagreement between the management of MoveFree, Rylee and the Board on whether the project should be accepted or not. We will discuss and evaluate the project based on the various merits and demerits the project can have if accepted by MoveFree Inc.
Calculation of the discount rate appropriate for
    Data from Case Table 1
    Sales Revenue
    Investment in Capex and NWC
    Interest payments
    Data from Case Table 2
ent YTM on 30-year treasury bonds
ent YTM on 3-month treasury bills
    Most recent 1-year return on S&P 500
    Estimated annual return on the S&P 500 for next 30 years
    WACC Estimate
    Marginal tax rate
    Target Debt to Value Ratio
    Terminal growth rate
    Expected return on market
    30-year S&P average return
    To make buy decision 30-year T bond rate is used.
    Cost of bo
    Market Risk Premium
    Data for comparable firm (
    Levered beta
    Debt to Equity
    Unlevered beta
    Data for
    Unlevered beta
    Target D/E
    Levered beta
    CAPM Re [(Re = Rf+ beta*MRP)]
    Long Term Debt
     $ 14,75,000.00
    Equity =
     $ 19,66,666.67
    Total Capital =
     $ 34,41,666.67
    Weight of Equity=
    Weight of Debt=
WACC = Weight of Eq*Cost of Eq + Weight of Debt*Cost of Debt(1-T)            
    Free Cash Flow Estimate
    Marginal tax rate
    COGS as % of revenues
    SG&A as % of revenues
    Less: COGS (depreciation already factored in)
    Less: SG&A
    Equals: EBITDA
    Less: Interest Payments
    Less: Depreciation (included in COGS)
    Less: Taxes @ 40%
    Equals: EBIAT
    Add: Depreciation
    Less: Investments in Capex &...

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