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assignment must be done on excel showing calculations

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Assignment Notes:
y all calculations to TWO decimal places to reduce rounding e
or, especially in multi-step problems.
Remember to show all calculations.
General Instructions for Written Assignments
Please only submit one file. submit an Excel file, please put one problem on a separate worksheet within one file.
· Problem P3-18
Common-size statement analysis. A common-size income statement for Creek Enterprise’s 2021 operations follows. Using the firm 2022 income statement presented in problem 3-16, develop the 2022 common-size income statement and compare it with the 2021 common-size statement. Please use the chart below
chart for P3-18
· Problem P4-22
Integrative; Pro forma statements. Provincial Imports Inc. has assembled last year’s financial statements (income statement and balance sheet below) and financial projections for use in preparing financial plans for the coming year. Please use chart below
chart for P4-22
· Problem P5-17
Time and value comparison of single amounts. In exchange for a $23,000 payment today, a well-known company will allow you to choose one of the alternatives shown in the following table. Your opportunity cost is 19%. Please use chart below
a. Find the value today of each alternative.
. Are all the alternatives acceptable? That is, are they worth $23,000 today?
c. Which alternative, if any, will you take?
Chart for P5-17
· Problem P5-22
Present value of annuity. Consider the following cases shown on chart. Please use chart below
a. Calculate the present value of an annuity, assuming that is
(1) An ordinary annuity
(2) An annuity due.
. Compare your findings in parts a(1) and a(2). All else being identical, which type of annuity -ordinary or annuity due- is preferable?
Chart for P5-22
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