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Please check the attached documents and follow the instruction. This is a four page paper. Thank you.

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Political Science
Topic: Compare and contrast what is a direct democracy versus representative democracy
· Contains a clear, well-developed thesis (argument or position)
    Explicitly identifies and effectively analyzes several of the aspects of the topic that you chose.
Consistently provides relevant historical context through the use of specific outside information.
Writing is exemplary Writing is consistently clear, uses varied sentence structure, and incorporates precise vocabulary Is logically organized, using sophisticated and analytical topic sentences that announce the purpose of each paragraph, and includes a thoughtful conclusion If you used research, you must property document your sources.
FINAL PAPER: (2 – 4 pages)
Introductory paragraph – identity the issue and articulate why you think it is important to American Federal Government.
Body Paragraphs: Place the issue in historical context by describing how the problem arose and outlining previous efforts, if any, to address the problem. To detail the issue and any prior policy responses, you can use a range of sources, including books, articles from scholarly journals, previous policy analyses, government reports, legislative materials, and news articles. Summarize the results of prior policy efforts and identify the major stakeholders. These are the individuals and groups likely to affect or be affected by new government policies taken in response to the issue under discussion.
Conclusion/Paragraph: Finally, identify several policy options state and local government might take to resolve the issue. Be sure the options involve substantive policy measures aimed at the issue in question. Your research on the issue and past policy actions will help you identify policy proposals and create new approaches for addressing the identified problem.
A works cited page to document your research.
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Topic: Compare and contrast what is a direct democracy versus representative democracy
Statement of Purpose
In Both Direct democracy and representative democracy, the objective is to ensure the active participation of the citizens in governance, differing in their mechanisms. In direct democracy, the citizens are involved directly in the decision-making process. Whereas, in representative democracy the elected authorities will take the decisions on behalf of the citizens. Both democracies have their advantages and disadvantages that have impact on the governance effectiveness. Hence, understanding both the history and mechanisms of both the democracies is very crucial to understand their roles in American Federal Government decision-making process.
In the contemporary scene of American Federal Government, the talk encompassing direct vote-based system and agent a majority rules government stays relevant, especially with regards to resident commitment and administration. Direct majority rules system, following its beginnings to the popularity-based examinations of old Athens, encapsulates the immediate contribution of residents in dynamic cycles (Ober, 2015). Through components, for example, referendums and initiatives, people effectively take part in molding strategies and regulation, subsequently epitomizing the center standards of a majority rule government and cultivating a feeling of responsibility and responsibility inside the electorate.
On the other hand, agent a vote-based system, standardized in present day country states and impacted by Edification reasoning, delegates dynamic position to choose delegates (Dahl, 2017). This framework, conceived out of the need to oversee huge and different populaces, works on the rule of portrayal, wherein residents share chose authorities with advocate for their inclinations in administrative bodies. Established in electoral commands, agent a majority rules system tries to offset sovereignty with administration productivity, utilizing the skill and deliberative cycles of chosen delegates while guaranteeing that the voices of the electorate stay vital to the governance process.
Body paragraphs
Historical context
Direct democracy has its roots well established in the vote-based examinations of ancient Greece, especially in Athens, where citizens effectively took part in political dynamic through gatherings (Ober, 2008). This immediate commitment with administration established the groundwork for popularity-based standards as well as enabled residents by giving them an immediate voice in molding strategies and regulations. Ancient Greece, the authentic setting of direct majority rule government reaches out to contemporary models like the Swiss framework, described by regular mandates and drives (Wa
en, 2017). Furthermore, cu
ent signs of direct vote-based system, like drives and reviews in the US, feature the continuous significance and advancement of direct fair standards across various authentic and social settings (Smith, 2019).
Then again, delegate a majority rules system arose as a reaction to the difficulties presented by overseeing huge and different populaces. Impacted by Edification reasoning, the idea...

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