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Virtual reality (VR) technology has witnessed both fervent embracement and strong opposition from individuals across various domains. Using this as your foundation, examine the topic area, and...

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Virtual reality (VR) technology has witnessed both fervent embracement and strong
opposition from individuals across various domains. Using this as your foundation,
examine the topic area, and construct a literature review essay, that aims to
comprehensively examine the contrasting attitudes towards VR technology, seeking
to understand the reasons behind the enthusiastic embrace or vehement rejection
of its existence. By analyzing a wide range of scholarly sources, your review will
provide a nuanced understanding of the complex societal responses to VR,
facilitating a deeper appreciation of the factors that shape public opinion towards
this transformative technology. (Please refer to the document attached)
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Shubham answered on May 25 2024
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Executive Summary
This literature review describes about virtual reality technology that focuses on reasons behind enthusiastic em
ace and vehement rejection. This includes analysis of sources and review provides information about responses of society for the use of VR. It highlights key factors that is based on public opinion. This includes focusing on transformative nature of VR. The review describes the significance of understanding that can help in describing about technology. It includes key points that aims for providing information related to understanding of societal dynamics that can impact VR technology.
The use of virtual reality technology has em
aced and this also has strong opposition if different domains. This literature review aims to provide information related to attitude of user for the use of VR. It can help in understanding reasons about acceptance and rejection of existence. This includes analysis of scholarly sources and the review will provide better understanding of responses towards use of VR. This includes describing about factors that can change opinion of user for the use of transformative technology. The review will discuss scope and criteria for literature selection. It highlights significance of understanding behaviour of user for the use of VR.
Literature Review
Background of VR Technology
The concept of recent technological advancements like VR has significant impact in mainstream use. There are multiple consumer-friendly VR headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. This includes offering improved graphics, motion tracking and immersive experiences. Along with advancement in computing power, graphics processing units and motion sensors has enhanced realism and responsiveness of VR environments. In today’s world. Innovations in VR has included haptic feedback devices that can simulate touch and motion (Javaid and Haleem, 2020). There are standalone VR systems that do not require connected computer. This has helped to ensure accessibility and application of VR. The advancements have expanded potential of VR in different domains. This can be used in gaming, education, healthcare and professional training.
Use of VR Technology
Virtual reality technology is being used in different fields because of the ability to create immersive and interactive environments. In gaming, VR has changed user experiences and this has been done by offering levels of immersion. This has enabled players to physically interact with virtual worlds. In the field of education, VR is used for creating virtual classrooms and laboratories. This includes providing hands-on learning experiences that is difficult to achieve. Medical students can use this technology for virtual surgeries. This will help in gaining practical skills and this do not include risks that are associated with real-life procedures. In the field of medicine, VR is used for pain management, physical therapy and mental health treatments. In the military training, VR are used for simulating realistic combat scenarios. It helps in enhancing training of soldiers in safe and controlled environment. The most important benefits of VR technology are ability to provide multiple levels of immersion and interaction. Users can experience environments that can feel real (Kamińska et al. 2019). It allows user in deeper engagement and emotional connection. It helps in providing enhanced immersion that is beneficial in gaming. This has leads to engaging and enjoyable experiences.
VR simulations has improved understanding of students and retention of complex scientific concepts. In vocational training, VR allows trainees for practicing skills with controlled environment for reducing risk of injury and equipment damage. In healthcare, VR has shown results in pain management. This can be considered as distraction technique for reducing perception of patients of pain during treatments. In physical therapy, VR games motivate patients for performing rehabilitation exercises. This helps in making process more enjoyable and effective. Mental health treatments get benefited from VR. The use of VR technology is helping in driving economic growth and creating new job opportunities. The VR industry has expanded and this is showing increasing demand for VR content developers, hardware engineers and researchers (Wohlgenannt et al. 2020). Industries are adopting use of VR...

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