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BSBPMG624 Task 1.docx Task 1 – Form Collaborative Alliance Instructions to Learners: • This summative assessment can be completed in class or at any other convenient location. • Students are required...

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BSBPMG624 Task 1.docx
Task 1 – Form Collaborative Alliance
Instructions to Learners:
• This summative assessment can be completed in class or at any other convenient
• Students are required to complete this task using digital tools and ensure to submit in
an acceptable format, e.g. .docx, .pdf, .pptx, or as advised by your assessor.
• Please use the following formatting guidelines to complete this assessment task:
 Font Size: 12; Line Spacing: Double; Font Style: Times New Roman
• Assessment activities can be completed either in real workplace environment or in a
simulated environment such as your classroom. In both cases, appropriate evidence of
the assessment activities must be provided.
Instruction to Assessors:
• You must assess student’s assessment according to the provided Marking Criteria.
• You must complete and record any evidence related to assessment activities including
ole-plays and presentations using appropriate forms which must be attached with
student assessment submission.
• You must provide students with detailed feedback within 10 working days from
This assessment task requires you to:
• implement communication and network skills to assist engaging potential
• demonstrate environment scanning techniques to identify opportunities for
• conduct negotiations to devise and agree collaboration a
• demonstrate written and literacy skills to document agreements.
Part A
In order to achieve this, you are required to complete a Collaboration Business Plan for two
actual, or two simulated businesses where you are unable to access two actual businesses.
The attached template may be used as a basis.
Part B
Once the Plan has been developed, create a written agreement that will be signed by both
parties to the collaborative alliance.
1 | P a g e


[Collaboration Name]
[Legal Entity/Lead Agency Head Office Address]


Business Plan

Prepared: [Date prepared]
2 | P a g e

The Collaboration

Service Delivery
Services: [What services will you be providing? What is the anticipated demand for these
services cu
ently? Is there likely to be increased demand and what will drive this growth?]

Business details
Business name: [Enter your business name as registered in your state/te
itory. If you have
not registered your business name, add your proposed business name.]
Trading name(s): [Registered trading name(s).]
Date registered: [Date business name registered.]
Location(s) registered: [State(s) you are registered in.]
Business structure: [Sole trader, partnership, trust, company.]
ABN: [Registered Australian Business Number.]
ACN: [Registered Australian Company Number, if applicable.]
GST: [Are you registered for Goods and Services Tax? Date registered?]
Domain names: [Registered domain names.]
Licences & permits: [List all the licences or permits you have registered]

Collaboration premises
Business location: [Describe the location and space occupied
equired. What is the size of the
space you occupy
equire? What geographic area will the Collaboration cover? Where in
elation to landmarks/main areas? Are there adequate spaces for private conversations? Is
there wheelchair access? ]
Buy/lease: [If you have purchased a business premises or are cu
ently leasing,
iefly outline
the a
angements. If you are still looking for a lease, outline your lease requirements and any
utilities/facilities required.]
3 | P a g e

Collaboration Map

[Outline your collaboration structure in the chart below.]

Example: where the services collaborating are not Legal Entities in their own right.

Management of the Collaboration
Legal Entity or Lead Agency: [Insert Name.]
Legal Entity/ Lead Agency Management Committee [List the names of the Management
Committee of the Lead Agency ]
Collaboration Committee [List the names of those on the Collaboration Committee and the
organisations that they represent]
Process: [Explain the process by which the Legal Entity/Lead Agency will work with the
Collaboration Committee to govern the Collaboration. For example: decisions made by
Collaboration Committee made up of representatives of each partner organisation plus
epresentation from the Legal Entity with all strategic decisions and financial decisions above
a set amount to be ratified by the Management of the Legal Entity.]

Figure 1: Organisation Chart. [Insert your own chart ]
Legal Entity for 1 Legal Entity for 2 Legal Entity for 3
Legal Entity for 4
& 5
Partner 1 Partner 3
Partner 2
Partner 5
Partner 4
4 | P a g e

Personnel – (exclude this section if the Collaboration is not going to directly employ staff
Remember the Collaboration must be a legal entity in its own right before it can be an
employer. )

ent staff

[List your cu
ent staff in the table below.]

Job Title Name Skills/Strengths

Required staff
[List your required staff in the table below.]

Job Title Quantity Skills necessary Date

Recruitment options
[How do you intend on obtaining your required staff? Advertising in the local paper, online
advertising, and/or training cu
ent staff members?]
Training programs
[Are there any training programs you will be organising in the event you cannot find the
equired skills? Are these in-house or external providers? What training will you as the business
manager undertake to keep your skills cu
Skill retention strategies
[What procedural documentation will you provide to ensure the skills of staff are maintained?
Do you have an appropriate allocation of responsibilities? How are responsibilities
documented and communicated to staff? What internal processes will you implement to
egularly check that the cu
ent skills of staff members are still appropriate for the business?]


[What are the opportunities to be innovative in the ways that you support service users, create
a learning environment within the collaboration and support staff in their professional
development. Are there any gaps in local service delivery that innovation can help you fill?]
5 | P a g e

Workers compensation: [Provide details if you have workers compensation insurance? This is
mandatory if you have employees.]
Public liability insurance: [Provide details if you have public liability insurance? This covers
any third party death or injury.]
Professional indemnity: [Provide details if you have professional indemnity insurance? This
covers any legal action taken out as a result of your professional advice.]
Product liability: [Provide details if you have product liability insurance? This covers any legal
action taken out as a result of injury, damage or death from your product.]
Collaboration assets: [Provide details if you have insured your business assets in the event of
a fire, burglary, or damage? For example: building, contents, motor vehicles.]

Risk management
[List the potential risks (in order of likelihood) that could impact your business.]

Risk Likelihood Impact Strategy
[Description of risk &
impact on business]
[Highly Unlikely,
Unlikely, Likely,
Highly Likely]
[What actions will be
taken to treat the
potential risk to the

Legal considerations
[List the legislation which impacts on the governance of your Collaboration and its service
Examples: Legislation listed below is just a sample. Each Collaboration needs to determine
the Acts which may impact on it.
Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld)
Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Act 2000 (Qld)
Commission for Children and Young People Amendment Legislation 2006
Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth)
Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth)
Disability Discrimination Act 199 (Cth)
Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986 (Cth)

6 | P a g e

The Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act (1989)
The Domestic Family Violence Regulation XXXXXXXXXXand their amendments
The Child Protection Act (1997)
The Community Services Act 2007
Community Services Regulation 2008
The Supported Accommodation Assistance Program Act 1994
The Housing Act 2003
Housing Regulation 2003
Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (Qld)
Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 (Qld)
Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 1997 (Qld)
Fire Service and Rescue Act 1990
Fire and Rescue Service Regulation 1991
Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008
Building Fire Safety Regulations Act 1991
A New Tax System (Australian Business Number) Act 1999 (Cth)
Associations’ Incorporation Act 1981 (Qld)
Associations’ Incorporation Regulation 1999 (Qld)
Rockhampton Women’s Shelter Constitution
Income Tax Assessment Act 1971
Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992 (Cth)

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Saloni answered on Jun 30 2021
126 Votes
Level 28, 303 Collin’s Street Melbourne, VIC
ABN number : 78139566868
ACN number : 139566868
Business Plan- The target is to collaborate BetaShares and Money Magazine by giving Money Magazine’s audience access to BetaShares ETF course. On the other hand, Money Magazine can add a widget to the BetaShare website. By collaborating, money magazine audience with get basic knowledge to the Exchange trade funds and turn into potential investors in future whereas, money magazine will attract a increased number of viewer to get access to the Etf course also.
Date- June 28, 2020
The Collaboration
Service Delivery
Services : BetaShares is the leading ETF manager, providing best investment decisions that help Australian Investor meet their financial target/objective. BetaShares website have an “Understanding ETF Basic Course” designed as a collection of e-books and additional resources, this course is expected to become a growing market opportunity. Money Magazine is the digital platform which gives investor information about stock, economy, insurance, loans and retirement related plans.
Collaborate with Australian Money Magazine and giving audience an access to BetaShares ETF course and in return BetaShares could add a Money Magazine widget to the BetaShares website. The demand for this service is . During the pandemic, people can make the best use of their time and educate themself with exchange traded funds knowledge. With the increase in demand for the ETF course free access with Money Magazine,will increase demand for the magazine and more investor for the BetaShares. The more knowledge individuals will get, the more new investors it will attract. Awareness will be created through the magazine publications encouraging young investors to have a better understanding about the Capital Market. Since, Money magazine is considered as the top 7 leading financial publication, it will help to attract wide range of individual from the different segment of the country.
Proposed Business name : BetaMoney
Trading name : BetaMoney
Date registered : June 28, 2020
Location registered : Victoria
Business structure : Company
ABN number : 78139566868
ACN number : 139566868
Domain name :
License & permits :
· Australian Business Numbe
· Australian Financial Services
· Goods & Service Tax
· Trade Mark registration
· Permit to distribute handbills
· Tax Filing Numbe
· Australian Securities and Investment Commission
· Registration of a training contract
Collaboration premises :
The loacation for the business would be Victoria ,Melbourne. The office space required would be 500sqm. Located at Level 28, 303 Collin’s Street. With wheelchair accessibility and private meeting rooms available for one on one conversation, this would be the best location for the premises.
Lease :The lease agreement is made between the owners of the property and the company for a stipulated period of 1 year. The rent and its date of payment is to be decided and mentioned in the agreement. The payment for the water usage is paid by the landlord as agreed upon. The list of instrument fitted in the furnished premises comes with a specific maintenance policy and proper handling.
Collaboration Map
Mr. R Tyler    -MD BetaShares
Mr.V Brown-VP BetaShares
Mrs. K. Rosy-CEO Money Magazine
Mr.V Brown
Mr. R Tyle
Mrs. K. Rosy
Mr J. Clark
Mr. F Pratt
Mr.J Patterson-Director BetaMoney
Management of the Collaboration
Legal Agency: BetaMoney Pty
Legal Entity/ Lead Agency Management Committee- Mr. R Tyler, Mr. V Brown, Mrs. K Rosy, Mr F Pratt , Mr. J Clark and Mr. J Patterson.
Collaboration Committee- Mr F Pratt , Mr. J Clark and Mr. J Patterson
Process : The committee members of the legal agency will consolidate all corporate information to manage and share information with other members; Amalgamate the meeting information ; Reminders for the members and employees for important dates;
and legally accurate data to be shared.
Required Staff
    Job Title
    Skills necessary
    Date Required
    Adverting and promotion
    Software Enginee
    Software update
    Customer Relationship Manage
    Provide customer support
Recruitment Options-
To obtain the required staff, the intended recruitment platform will be online advertising and training cu
ent staff members. Training cu
ent staff members to provide customer support to the access and software update for the ETF course.
Training Programs:
Few training programs will be required to expertise the new hired individuals. The free access of Money Magazine audience to the BetaShares ETF course requires a training to the employee as in how the magazine subscription can lead access to the ETF course.
Training on the technical grounds will be given by the external providers. On the other hand, training on the course and magazine will be given by in-house providers.
As the owner of the company, one has to upgrade his/her skills by keep update about the targeted market segment, capital market ,economy, employee welfare programs.
Skill retention strategies :
· Performance management and employee development policy
· Under performance management
· Managing Employee Exit
· Recognition- Financial and Non Financial Rewards
· Identifying training needs- The Australian Training System registered training organization
· Employee Assistance programs
· Employee feedback Surveys
· Flexible work a
· Leadership and Communication fundamental
An appropriate allocation of responsibilities will ensure the a particular person or...

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