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Please answer all the questions and instructions. Reference sheet APA style

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In addition to reading about counseling approaches and practices, it can be helpful to see licensed professionals in action. Just as no two clients are exactly alike, no two counselors are either. Even those who share the same theoretical approach and framework for their practices, will differ in their specific counseling styles.
Film Analysis
For this last written assignment of the course, choose one of the following films to watch and analyze.
· Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire
· Phoebe in Wonderland
· Ordinary People
· No Letting Go
· White Oleande
· Girl Inte
· The Perks of Being a Wallflowe
· 13 Reasons Why, season 1 ( Netflix 13-episode series) * Please note that this series contains scenes of sexual assault and suicide that might be upsetting to watch.
You can rent or bo
ow many of these from your local li
ary or look for them on video streaming services. Note: Do not wait until the last minute to choose a film, in case you have difficulty finding the one you want to watch.
In a paper 4-6 pages in length,
1. describe the main character’s primary issue(s) (for example, trauma, loss, or mental illness).
2. describe and, refe
ing specifically to things you have learned in the course, critique the attempts by professionals and other adults to help the main character (how effective were they? How could they be better?)
3. develop a list of 3 counseling goals for the character and explain the strategies you would use to help achieve them (refer back to what you learned about writing goals in Mod 2).
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Table of contents
Introduction    4
Main Character's Primary Issues    4
Professional and Adult Intervention    5
Ms. Rain    5
Mrs. Weiss    5
Evaluation of Interventions    6
Recommendations for Improved Intervention    6
Counseling Goals and Strategies    6
Goal 1: Trauma Resolution    7
Goal 2: Academic Empowerment    7
Goal 3: Social Support Enhancement    7
Implementation Plan    8
Initial Assessment and Relationship Building    8
Trauma-Focused Therapy    8
IEP Development and Educational Support    8
Group Therapy and Community Engagement    9
Progress Monitoring and Adjustment    9
Conclusion    9
References    11
The movie "Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire" depicts the te
ifying traumas that the movie's title heroine, Precious, goes through in an honest and unvarnished manner. The story, which is set in Harlem, delves into the tu
ulent life of a young African-American adolescent who is overcoming several obstacles. Significant trauma that resulted from physical, mental, and sexual abuse in her own household has shaped Precious's journey. Her battles with weight, illiteracy, and social exclusion exace
ate her problems and create an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and loneliness. This investigation delves into the many layers of Precious's life, analysing the main problems she faces and examining the efforts made by adults and experts to offer help. We want to understand the efficacy of therapies and suggest counselling objectives that have the potential to promote resilience, empowerment, and healing within a severely flawed system as we negotiate the intricacies of Precious's environment.
Main Character's Primary Issues
The protagonist of "Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire," Precious, struggles with a variety of deeply affecting problems that have a significant influence on her life. The most significant of these difficulties is the trauma she experienced from being subjected to severe physical, mental, and sexual abuse by her own mother. This tragedy acts as a persistent and eerie backdrop, affecting every aspect of her life and sustaining a deep mental anguish and helplessness. Precious also has to deal with the obstacle of illiteracy, which restricts her educational opportunities and heightens her emotions of loneliness and inadequacy. Her weight exace
ates the difficulties she has by making her more vulnerable to criticism from society and making her battle with self-esteem worse.
When these problems come together, Precious is placed in a situation that is oppressive and characterised by trauma, illiteracy, and social shame. This accentuates the intricacy of her experiences and the severity of her psychological and emotional wounds. In order to help Precious achieve healing, empowerment, and a feeling of agency in her life, it becomes imperative that these fundamental concerns are addressed.
Professional and Adult Intervention
Precious is the subject of several attempts at intervention in her life by adults and experts in "Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire," however their levels of success vary.
Ms. Rain
· Approach: Precious's alternate school instructor, Ms. Rain,...

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