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SCENARIO 1: Assume yourself as a General Manager of VTI Group. Bill has approached you to discuss a serious issue. Bill said that the team of one nationality is not involving members of other...

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Assume yourself as a General Manager of VTI Group. Bill has approached you to discuss a serious issue. Bill said that the team of one nationality is not involving members of other nationality in one of the religious celebrations. Some team members are feeling disappointed and excluded. Bill also said that some team members are wasting an opportunity to develop team cohesiveness and are dividing team instead by creating nationality issues.


1.Which policy and procedure you will refer to?
2.What would be an appropriate relevant legislation?
3.How policies and procedures can help you in promoting cultural diversity, ethical principles and building workplace relationships?
4.Do you recommend any change in diversity policy?
5.What would be your approach to team to resolve the issue?

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David answered on Nov 30 2019
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Running head: CASE OF VTI GROUP
Case of VTI Group
Task 1
Strategic and Operational Plan of VTI
    The strategic and operational plan of an organization is usually associated with achieving success in the competitive market place through implementing the plan and increasing sales of the products. In this consideration, VTI Group has also strategic and operational plan in the market that can help to achieve strategic goals and objectives of the company (Miller, 2012). This paper is linked to analyze the case of the VTI Group to explore its strategic business position in the competitive marketplace. These are as below:
Company Profile: The VTI Group is associated with automobile industry that sells the small to medium segment cars and spare parts in the market of Australia from last 17 years. The headquartered of the VTI group is in Melbourne, Australia that operates its business through several
anch offices and showrooms in the country. It also sells second hand cars and leases them through a separate division (Miller, 2012). It has also sales rights cu
ently to sell premium and luxury cars taking from European suppliers to take competitive advantage in the Australian market.
Goals of the Company: The main goal of this company is to address the issue of reduced interest of the people to take services regarding leasing small and medium segment cars. Further, it has also a goal to increase profitability by leasing services of the cars. It has also goal to build and maintain a positive culture of the organization an reduce business risk.
Objectives of the Company: The objectives of the company are associated with repositioning of the company to improve sales and services to the small and medium cars in the market. Further, it has also objective to implement an exit plan linked to the leasing services to face intense competition and unpredictatble consumer choice.
Processes: The working processes of VTI group are based on selling small and medium sized cars and its spare parts in the Australian market, including premium and luxury segment cars of European countries. The top management of the organization takes all decisions about the internal and external activities of the business, such as making strategic plans, recruitment of the candidates, policy framework, communication and building support etc.
Stakeholders and Customers: The main stakeholders of the VTI Group can be considered as European suppliers, top management, existing employees, and lower level managers. These stakeholders are the base of the company that provides assistance in improving sales and services and profits (Polonsky, 2005). The customers of the VTI Group are external people that take interest to lease or buy the small and medium sized cars.
Communication Strategy
    The communication strategy of an organization is set up for the purpose of flowing information from top to bottom management process to run the business effectively and efficiently (Welfens, 2014). Communication strategy assures a success of business growth and profits when information is shared appropriately between all levels of the management system. Therefore, the communication strategy of the VTI Group can be described as below:
    Communication Objectives: The first communication objective of the company is to develop an effective policy framework in order to manage internal communication with the employees. The second communication objective of the VTI Group is to communicate and build support in order to take organizational initiatives and other objectives. The third communication objective of the company is to manage information flow in terms of performing work responsibilities of the managers and employees (Welfens, 2014). At last, the fourth communication objective is associated with gathering facility feedback on the relevant work performance of both management and employees.
    Different Communication Methods: The different communication methods are utilized by the organization to ca
y out business efficiently and consistently in the market. Therefore, the first communication method that used by the VTI Group is face-to-face in which top management decided to address issues of leasing services. The second communication method adopted by the company is ‘meeting’ in which top management personnel discussed with the lower level managers and employees. The third communication method is email in which management informed the other members of the different
anches to consider about the improvement of leasing services (Welfens, 2014). The fourth communication method can be recognized as oral communication that is used by the management of the company to talk with employees and other managers about the business conditions.
    Different Audiences and Communication Strategy: In order to fulfill communication objectives of the company, some communication methods can be used to run the business successfully. In this consideration, the objective of making a better communication with the people and employees, face-to-face communication method have used to better understand each other to fulfill their needs (Welfens, 2014). Further, the communication and build support to the managers and employees in order to take organizational initiatives and other objectives, VTI Group used ‘meeting’ method of communication method to motivate them and increase the confidence. At the same time, the email communication method is used by the European suppliers to establish a good relationship and supply network of the premium and luxury segment cars.
Different Provisions of Consultation: The provisions that are considered by the company with employees linked to at-hand information; ideas communication; business ethics; compliance requirements. These provisions of consultation with employees are very effective to manage issues of the company after achieving goals. The at-hand information with the employees can regulate the business efficiency continuously in the...

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