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Part 3: Health Care Policy For Part 3 of the Final Project, you will provide an analysis of the policy issues surrounding the health care policy issue you selected. This requires significant research...

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Part 3: Health Care Policy

For Part 3 of the Final Project, you will provide an analysis of the policy issues surrounding the health care policy issue you selected. This requires significant research of policy analysis and economic, business, consumer and other policy factors related to your selected policy.

Note: In grading the Final Project Part 3, your Instructor uses a Final Project Rubric. Review the rubric prior to completing your Project Component.

All rubrics can also be found in the Course Information area in the course navigation menu.

The Assignment (2–3 pages)

For this component of your Final Project, describe how the health care policy issue you selected is related to policymaking from different broad perspectives, including social, economic, business, and cultural. Include this assignment labeled as Part 3 with a header in your combined file. Submit your cumulative file with Parts 1, 2, & 3 included. Only Part 3 will be graded this week.

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Student Name: John T.Y Boakai
Overview of Project Pape
To accomplish this paper, a policy is selected that is known as “Reduce the number of insured person from Affordable Care Act bill to reduce budget deficit” that is introduced in House with the help of a new bill “The American Health Care Act (AHCA) 2017” (Kliff, 2017). This health care policy has included some issues related to ethical, legal and policy implication which is explored by this paper. This paper also explains about a policymaker who is from North Dakota and also responsible for enacting health care policy with the explanation for his selection as a policymaker.
Selected Policymaker and Reason for Selection
In the regard of AHCA 2017, a Republican Party member from North Dakota is selected who is John Hoeven. He is serving the nation since 2011 from North Dakota seat (North Dakota Bankers Association, 2018). John Hoeven gave the vote in favor of the above-defined policy of Trump government but also opposed the new policy of the government. Therefore, it can be said that he played a role of the policy maker. John Hoeven can be contacted through his address, phone number, E-mail and Website. According to the web page http:, followings are his contact information:
Address: 120 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: (202) 224-2551 (NumbersUSA, 2015)
Fax: (202) 224-7999
E-mail: http:
Website: http:
He is selected for attaining this paper because he gave a vote in support of Obamacare repeal bill 2017 that was passed by House. This bill changes the healthcare system of the country because the bill will directly cause millions to lose coverage of health insurance to help the country to save money by cutting health care budget. Sen. John Hoeven was against the stand of his party leadership on Obamacare and he said in public that the Obamacare bill can be improved after adding new concerns of the people and recommendations of other members of the House (
Issues in Health Care Policy
As per the report of government, the earlier explained a new health care policy in AHCA will increase the number of uninsured people within the country and will reduce the budget deficit by $119 million (Schoen & Tarlov, 2017). It means the health care cost per person will increase and people will need to spend more money on medical services to live healthily. The new policy will also raise an issue that the constitution of the USA allows the people to get the benefits from the government without any discrimination while the new policy will discriminate people on the basis of their medical conditions (Ehrlich, 2018). After this, the new policy of health care does not focus on the cost of health care services in states that are not allowing the poor people to get affordable caring services. In this regard, John Hoeven was against the government-run health care policy and he told media that the country needs market-based a common-sense approach which helps the people in choosing the best insurance plan from medical providers for health care ( He also supported the need for reforms in country’s health care policies which will encourage healthy competition among the health care insurance providers and allows the health care service providers to reduce the overall cost of health care which will facilitate the poor and middle-class people and they can get the medical facilities when they need. He also opposed the new policy of government because it does not follow the principle of transparency and hide some facts such as the bad impression of the new policy over the health cost of the states and country.
Summary of Selected Policy
According to the AHCA bill, the policy such as “reduce the number of the insured person from Affordable Care Act bill to reduce budget deficit” is an effective policy that will allow the government to replace some target people from existing health coverage because the budget deficit of country has increased dramatically due to Obamacare (Schoen & Tarlov, 2017). Further, the above selected policy has an ethical issue because it restricts some people health care insurance security, while the health care issues are growing in the country rapidly. Further, there are some states in the USA that are already providing health care insurance to their people. That means the new policy of AHCA will create legal issues between state and federal government. The implication of above-defined policy will be replaced some people who have health issues such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder or other types of mental health issues (Ehrlich, 2018) because new policy of AHCA allows the states to deny such patients from state health care program.
Ehrlich, B. (2018). Bet You Didn't See That One Coming: Obama, Trump, and the End of Washington's Regular Order. USA: Post Hill Press. (n.d.). Health Care. Retrieved from https:
Kliff, S. (2017). The American Health Care Act: the Obamacare repeal bill the House just passed, explained. Retrieved from https:
North Dakota Bankers Association (2018). Contact Your Member of Congress. Retrieved from http:
NumbersUSA (2015). Contact Info. Retrieved from https:
Schoen, D. &...

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