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ORGL 8740 Discussion Question #6 Transition to Working-from-Home Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, stay-at-home directives, organizations have been forced to find alternative ways of offering...

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ORGL 8740 Discussion Question #6 Transition to Working-from-Home

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, stay-at-home directives, organizations have been forced to find alternative ways of offering their services. This is true for the schools that closed their doors and had to use online classes as an alternative. But in the medical field, for example, many healthcare practitioners had to introduce changes to their practices. The Florida department of health, for example, authorized the introduction of telehealth/telemedicine options for all health professions. Counseling/therapy service providers had to rewrite their code of ethics to allow online counseling/therapy. The virtual practitioner/patient relationship was altered. What new stressors and strains does this imply? What mitigation will work? Will virtual consultations when no procedures or physical examination are required, be generalized? How will virtual consultations impact the quality of treatment and care?

What new hiring practices and employment contracts will be introduced in business, the schools, universities, and health care sectors? How would the employer-employee relationships be affected? What management strategies will be needed to implement successful and productive remote commuting?

Think more broadly at first. Think creatively. Become authors of ideas. Remember, divergent thinking precedes convergent thinking.

Students are to identify the health and safety concerns within their organization. Identify the procedures on how your organization can improve on a healthy work environment. And share what activities have been employed in the past 6 months that have been most significant.

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Table of Contents
Stressors of Telehealth    3
Mitigation Relevant to the Scenario    3
Feasibility and Impact of Generalizing Virtual Consultations on Treatment as well as Care Quality    3
Hiring Practices and Employment Contracts Relevant to the Scenario    4
Impact on Employer Employee Relationship    4
Management Strategies to Implement Successful and Productive Remote Commuting    5
References    6
Stressors of Telehealth
Despite the extensive use of mobile devices, most of the people lack knowledge to use the technology widely. Since this is a very different strategy from the usual health checkups, people have their fears in following telehealth as a new normal. Hence, it can be a daunting task to help people overcome their fears. The patient-healthcare professional relationship is entirely based on personal touch and trust.
The physical absence might result in the patient feeling disconnected with the entire procedure. There also might be a little compromise in the quality of services provided by the healthcare professional over tele-consultation. Safety and security of the entire process might add another strain to the patient. Patients may wo
y about the safety of their data shared over online consultation (Koh, Koh, Sheu & Sakamoto, 2020).
Mitigation Relevant to the Scenario
As per a study conducted by American Medical Association (2020), numerous countries and states have acknowledged and accepted the requirement of telemedicine in the course of this pandemic and have promoted adaptation of laws regulating telemedicine (American Medical...

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