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Option #1: How to Make Better Presentations (75 points)In this critical thinking activity, you are to prepare a short presentation that you could potentially deliver to corporate trainers in your...

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Option #1: How to Make Better Presentations (75 points)In this critical thinking activity, you are to prepare a short presentation that you could potentially deliver to corporate trainers in your workplace. Your goal is to teach these trainers how to make a better presentation. Create a short presentation that delivers the content that corporate trainers need to know about delivering effective presentations. Be sure your presentation is visually appealing and follows guidance given in this week’s materials.
The presentation for your critical thinking activity must be completed using presentation software or an online presentation alternative. The presentation must include a minimum of 150 words of speaker notes for each slide to provide more depth of the material presented on the slide itself.
Keep in mind this is academic writing. It should be written in third person and should not include unsubstantiated opinions, but rather facts and theories. Your well-written presentation must adhere to the following parameters:
8-10 slides in length, not including references3 scholarly references cited in the assignment. Remember, you must support your thinking/opinions and prior knowledge with in-text citations and references; all facts must be supported; in-text citations used throughout the assignment must be included in an APA-formatted reference list. In the presentation, you may add the references page as a final slide, and citations within the speaker notes.A minimum of 150 words in the notes for each slide to further provide knowledge, critical thinking and depth into the topics presented in outline form on the slide.Formatted according to CSU Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
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How to make a Better Presentation
How to make a Better Presentation
Train the trainer program
13th March, 2022
Understanding What makes a Presentation Compelling
Structure of Good Presentation
Different Delivery Methods
Planning Outline for Presentations
Understanding the Audience
Delivering your Presentation
Understanding What makes a Presentation Compelling
Needs to have a clear structure
Understanding the Audience
Encourage and Enhance platform for Independent Thinking
Use of logical reasoning and clear explanations
Delivering with zeal and enthusiasm
Majority of time, business encourages employees who share their knowledge and experiences with co-workers to enhance the overall output of the business. In this corporate Train the Trainer program, my intent is to develop skills to create and deliver effective presentations. Whether you're communicating with your team or responsible for training a group of people, you shoulder an important responsibility, and that's to ensure everyone engages with what you're sharing, so they become more effective in their jobs. What this session does do is teach you how to design slides according to your audience's needs, your speaking environment, as well as your message's main purpose. 
Understanding that Time is an essential resource for everyone is very important.
For presentation to be effective it is crucial that you are able to deliver the message within the given time
Usually, typical audience has an attention span of around 20 minutes, so presentation should be short and crisp.
Practice formally and informally. Ask a colleague if they don't mind listening to the general overview of your presentation, and giving you some feedback. Or tell your family about your topic over dinner. Or even leave an opening of your presentation to yourself on a voicemail. Train your
ain to remember the flow of your points. Even consider developing an image in your mind to help you remember the main points in the right order. When you feel confident that you have the flow down, the transitions, and the main points pretty well embedded in your head it's time to do a dry run. It's better to do this in the same room or around the same conference table where you will be delivering your actual presentation and with the same audio visual gear. Ask someone to time you or even consider audio and videotaping yourself. There's a lot that you can learn when you hear and see yourself in action. The mock practice run will also allow you to practice the Q&A section. Ask your friends to shout out questions that may come to mind.
Structure of Good Presentation
The presentation should include an interesting introduction, middle part should contain important details like problem statements, research and findings and finally the conclusion
Introduction - Anchor to explain the audience what is one going to explain or communicate
Middle - The crux of the presentation
Conclusion - Final Decisions and Way ahead
Structure of any effective presentation should include Introduction, the body, and the conclusion. In the introduction think of a visual way to quickly catch the audience's attention and give them a reason to listen. Set yourself up as the most knowledgeable person on the topic because of your interest and research you've done. Set up your theme, whether through facts or a story, and preview the main points you'll be discussing. Line up each of the points with sub points and supporting evidence. Think through some smooth transitions that flow from one point to the next naturally and logically. Your theme for the presentation should be the thread that loosely floats in and out of your points and stories by holding them together in one uniform message. When you're done discussing your points a
ive to the conclusion. This is the time to remind your audience of your main points, ask them to take any action, or if it's necessary, politely transition to the portion where they get to ask you questions. 
Different Delivery Methods
Overhead Projecto
Whiteboard/ Blackboard
Posters and Handouts
Before you build your presentation,...

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