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Payal answered on Aug 08 2021
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Question 1
a) Identify & define the four leader behaviour in Path Goal Leadership Theory.
Answer a)
According to the Path Goal Leadership Theory, the leader should behave in such a manner that suits the best for an employee to
ing out best possible productivity out of an employee.
There are 04 specific styles to it as follows -
1) Achievement oriented- It is a style where a leader sets the goal for an employee, shows the confidence in his/her abilities to achieve those goals and expects him/her to achieve that particular goal.
2) Directive-Path Goal- In this style leader clarifies the employee the desired expectation out of him and also tells how to perform a particular task.
3) Participative leader behaviour – It is a technique where the possible suggestions are asked from the employees in any particular task which keeps their morale high.
4) Supportive Behaviour – In this technique the leader tries to be supportive by caring about his emotional and psychological needs specifically where the task is mentally distressing.
) Explain how you did, or could have, used one or more of these behaviours to improve your...

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