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NO OUTSIDE SOURCES! PNLY USE ATTACHED MATERIAL!Voltiwrites Chapter 13:It also has to be recognized that efforts to improve the occupational prospects of women and minorities will sometimes be...

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Voltiwrites Chapter 13:

It also has to be recognized that efforts to improve the occupational prospects of women and minorities will sometimes be perceived as being in collision with the interests, rights, and perquisites of individuals who occupy favorable niches in the occupational structure. At the same time, modern societies have the greatadvantage of having escaped the zero-sum trap described in Chapter 3.Put less abstractly, this means that the gains of one group or individual will not necessarily produce matching losses for others. Rather, it is possible to play a positive-sum game, one in which a larger share of the population has the opportunity to develop and use its talents and skills and, in so doing, make greater contributions to the economy and society that end up benefiting everyone.

Reflect up the persistent trends of blatant and less obvious forms of discrimination against women and non-whites regarding work as you respond to the following questions:

  1. Discuss at least two (2) different arenas or types of race and gender discrimination in relation to work.
  2. What are some efforts that might improve the occupational prospects of these groups? How effective are these efforts in your view?
  3. Do you believe that you have been either advantaged or disadvantaged in your occupational choices or work opportunities because of your race, ethnicity or gender? How so?
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Workplace Diversity
Answer 1
Women are ove
epresented in the positions of cashiers, nurses, and secretaries. School districts frequently declined to employ ma
ied females as educators, and single females were dismissed after ma
ying. On average, Latino and African American females earn less than white females on average, but possessing a college degree or higher reverses this trend, with African American females earning a little more than white working females with the same qualifications. When it comes to gender pay disparities, humans are...

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