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Samsung Electronics Samsung Affinity Chart 1 Category # of Issue 1 2 3 4 6 7 Complaint Categories Screen Issues Capacitor Mother Board/Hardware Safety Issues LCD Display Audio Review 1 x x Review 2 x...

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Samsung Electronics
Samsung Affinity Chart
    # of Issue     1    2    3    4    6    7
    Complaint Categories    Screen Issues     Capacitor    Mother Board/Hardware    Safety Issues    LCD Display     Audio
    Review 1    x                    x
    Review 2    x                    
    Review 3            x    x        
    Review 4    x                    
    Review 5    x                    
    Review 6    x                x    
    Review 7    x                    
    Review 8    x                x    
    Review 9        x    x    x        
    Review 10        x                
    Review 11            x            
    Review 12            x            
    Review 13        x                
    Review 14            x            
    Review 15                x        
    Review 16    x                    
    Review 17        x                
    Review 18        x                
    Review 19    x            x    x    
    Review 20    x                    
    Review 21    x        x            
    Review 22                x        
    Review 23    x                x    
    Review 24    x                    
    Review 25    x                    
    Review 26    x                    
    Review 27            x        x    
    Review 28    x                    
    Review 29    x                    
    Review 30            x            
    Review 31    x                    
    Review 32    x            x        
    Review 33    x                    
    Totals     20/33    5/33    8/33    6/33    5/33    1/33
    Count    20    5    8    6    5    1
    %     60.6    15.1    24.2    18.1    15.1    3.03
Samsung Pareto Chart

In looking at my affinity chart, you will see that I used 6 categories for Samsung Electronics and complaints. In regards to the affinity chart, I started out by reading the article and circling or highlighting the categories I have shown in my deck. I categorized originally 11 categories only to realize a few were interlinked and a few were actually outcomes of the root cause. This helped me focus my search into 6 categories and made the counts from there. The categorizations are; screen, audio, mothe
oard/hardware, capacitor, LCD and safety issues. 
The Pareto chart follows the affinity chart/diagram and the 6 categories I have chosen to display. From the outset, you can see that there is a very gradual drop off from each category, but also can see that from category screen and category audio, there is a drastic difference in the number of complaints. There is a clear pareto effect between the first two categories Screen and Capacitors, where you can clearly see that they are the biggest areas needed for improvement over the others.
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Ananya answered on Mar 19 2022
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Title: Pareto Effect in Business Management
Pareto Effect    3
Discussion    4
Response    5
Works Cited    7
Pareto Effect
The 80/20 rule or the Pareto effect can be clearly seen from the affinity chart provided. Most of the review’s complaints about screen issues. 20 out of 33 reviews are related to the screen of the products produced by Samsung, which produces to a 60.6% of issue rate. This indicated that the products manufactured by Samsung like mobile phones, televisions, refrigerators, and computer monitors, and other electronic devices need to improve the quality of the display screen, which are applied on then.
On the other hand, the lowest issue rate is seen regarding the audio quality of the products which implies that the management system handling the audio sector of the products are working up to their mark to maintain the high-definition quality. According to Zhu et al., the Pareto effect often produces discriminated data optimally which must be properly analyzed to reach to a result. Few issues are also related to the software or mothe
oard of the products, which are not high as the screen related issues.
The given affinity chart clearly shows that 80% of the consequences are occu
ing due to a very less, about 20% of the causes which mainly includes the glitch with the screen. This is also a cost-effective technique to find out the improvement areas of a business through the management systems. In this case, the main are, which needs to be improved, is the screen quality of the products manufactured by Samsung.
It helps to improve leadership skills, time management techniques, cost effectiveness of a product, quality control and assurance, and identify the problem areas effectively which needs to be resolved. This effect is applied in business to increase the profit with less issues and expenditure. From the affinity chart, it can be seen...

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