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My topic is about breastfeeding in the workforce

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My topic is about breastfeeding in the workforce
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Kuldeep answered on Aug 22 2021
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Abstract    3
Introduction    3
Breastfeeding at workplace    3
Research Topic and Action Plan    5
Conclusion    7
References    9
Obstacles in the workplace have led to lower
eastfeeding rates. Studies have shown that state supportive laws are related with higher rates, but as of 2009, only 23 states had passed some laws to motivate
eastfeeding in the workplace. Prior to the promulgation of the "reasonable rest period" provisions of Patient Protection or Affordable Care Act in 2010, federal laws provided little protection for working mothers. Nevertheless, this regulation still makes many working mothers at a loss what to do. They can pump (not support) children under 1 year old only during the rest period, and exempt small employers who have performance difficulties.
Breastfeeding is the natural and most effective way to care for babies. However,
eastfeeding in public places is considered to be detrimental for mother to comfortably feed their babies in public places. In the U.S,
easts have been sexualized as well as used in ads as well as in several restaurants. In addition,
eastfeeding in the public is denied, abstinence, inappropriate and disorderly. Breastfeeding has unique benefits for babies. These advantages include advanced cognitive growth, low obesity of childhood, and low threat of asthma. The company that produces formula milk has developed goods that resemble all nutrients in
east milk. Nevertheless,
eastfeeding can’t be compared with formula milk. If the
eastfeeding is supported, then mothers will be able to take care of their babies comfortably in public places, thereby providing them with best nutrition.
Breastfeeding at workplace
Breast milk alwsys protects babies from lasting diseases. Breast milk is the source of antibodies that can help it fight disease. Additionally, only
eastfeeding for six months can provide the child with the greatest protection. Breastfeeding children are less likely to contract meningitis, ear infections, lower respiratory tract diseases and other infections (Alexander et al.). In addition, if the baby has this disease, the condition will not be so serious. Unlike formula milk,
east milk will provide more protection over time. The protective effect of formula milk is not as good as that of
east milk. When mother's body reacts to pathogens, protection or immunity is passed on to the baby in antibiotic form (Bonzon et al.). Breast milk can also protect children from the allergies. When infants are fed with formula milk, they are likely to obtain allergies from the formula milk powder, which may contaminate the milk during the preparation process (Buckler). The ingredients in
east milk can cause allergies to children. Breastfeeding has the co
ect composition for children, so children will not develop allergies.
Breast milk is also good for mothers. For example, the motor burns some calories and helps reduce the baby fat gained during pregnancy. Mothers and babies can establish contact. Prolactin is produced during
eastfeeding, which can help mothers relax as well as focus on baby. Oxytocin is produced during a
eastfeeding; moreover oxytocin produces a strong relationship of love, care and attachment between mother and child (de Jager et al.). On other hand, formula milk does not promote this combination because these hormones are not produced. The combination promoted by
eastfeeding is other reason why formulas are not as helpful as
Nevertheless, the situation...

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