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I added the files of my assignment, please help me.

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Anurag answered on Mar 08 2022
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Title: Analysis and Comparison Between Gatorade And Cover Girl
Gatorade G Series Ad Analysis    3
Cover Girl    5
Work Cited    8
Gatorade G Series Ad Analysis
The emotional drives of the Gatorade G Series ad include the urge to succeed, the need to dominate, and the demand for notoriety. Associating their product with athletes who have attained greatness, domination, and popularity deceives their customers into believing that the product is the reason for the athletes' success. Athletes between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four are the target demographic for the advertisement, as they are the athletes who are at the peak of their athletic abilities. The target audience is clear from the advertising, which features accomplished sportsmen in peak physical condition (Wrestler). The Gatorade commercial appeals to its target population by emphasizing the urge to succeed. People try to succeed in their professions and occupations because they have a strong desire to succeed.
The product is associated with winning because of its capacity to complete a tough task. Winning is a result of hard work. The Gatorade commercial persuades customers to buy their product by implying that doing so will grant them the ideal of success. Consumers' attention is drawn to the commercial by the drive to dominate. The carving of power is the craving for supremacy. What we want to buy in a product is the power we do not have. The commercial includes some of the top athletes endorsing their product. Associating their product with the finest things those dominating sportsmen have used, meaning that if one acquires the product, they will dominate in their own fields.
In addition, the Gatorade commercial employs logos to appeal to the consumer's drive for prominence. The desire for notoriety stems from a lack of recognition and respect. The commercial depicts commendable greats who are well-liked by the general public. Associating well-known persons with a...

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