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MODULE: Marketing and Sales Management Reflecting on the marketing and sales management concepts and tools, examine the strategies utilised by an organisation of your choice and explain the nature of...

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MODULE: Marketing and Sales Management
Reflecting on the marketing and sales management concepts and tools, examine the strategies utilised by an organisation of your choice and explain the nature of its business orientation.
How have the organisation's strategies and tactics evolved to take account of changing market conditions and buyer behaviours?
How might current strategies be developed and improved upon?
Include references and bibliography.
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Table of Contents
Marketing Tools and Strategies utilised by Woolworths    3
Marketing Tools    3
Marketing Strategies    3
Nature of business orientation of Woolworths    3
Evolution of Woolworth's Strategies    4
Changing market conditions    4
Changing buyer behaviours    4
Development and Improvement of Strategies    5
References    8
Marketing Tools and Strategies utilised by Woolworths
Marketing Tools
One of the significant marking tools used by Woolworths is the survey. Surveys and focus groups help the organisation in targeting the right customers. Targeting and segmentation of the customers are one of the essential tools in making sure that the marketing strategies are rightfully implemented. The organisation conducts online and offline surveys to make sure that the advertisements and promotional activities are reached to the co
ect audience. The study and the focus groups also help in market research.
Website Optimisation is another essential tool that is utilised by Woolworths to stabilise marketing strategies. Website Optimisation makes sure that the
and's name is visible to the customers at first glance (Biddle, 2016). The website optimisation helps to attract the sight of the customers and let them know about the various offers and discounts available.
Marketing Strategies
One of the essential strategies followed by Woolworths is digital advertising. The company has been using digital platforms to advertise their products. The digital promotional strategy is a way through which Woolworths would be able to reach to the different customers. Digital advertising involves promotion through television, radios and print media. These strategies have become fruitful to the company.
Another critical strategy followed by Woolworths is the campaign. The organisation has created several campaigns to attract the attention of the customers. One of such essential and considerable campaigns followed by Woolworths has been the Fresh Food People Campaign. This campaign was a massive hit for Woolworths as people flocked in to grab the offers.
Nature of business orientation of Woolworths
Woolworths is one of the most reputed organisations in Australia. It is a vast chain of supermarkets that serves its customers with massive goods. The organisation deals with retail business and offers the customers with a variety of options for products and services. The nature of the organisation is built on integrity (Das Nair & Dube, 2017). The integral teamwork of the organisation is the pillar for Woolworths. It delivers the best services to the customers through retail practises.
Evolution of Woolworth's Strategies
The preferences and the behaviours of the buyers are changing day by day. With the advent of the time, the expectations of the customers from the organisation are changing. The market condition is also fluctuating because of the massive competition. Therefore, each company has to evolve its tactics and strategies with the pace of time. Woolworths has been evolving its marketing and sales strategies to make sure that they earn a competitive advantage in the market and earn potential buyers as well. The evolving plan formulated by the company is primarily based on the cu
ent trends of technology and market competition (May 2019). The changing behaviours of the buyers have compelled the management of the organisation to think of various new tactics that would retain the existing customers and earn the faith of new customers as well. The organisation has formulated specific modern marketing and sales strategies.
Changing market conditions
New Pricing and Value Strategy
The fluctuating market and massive competition have...

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