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MN5054 Essential Psychology for Managers Assignment XXXXXXXXXXwords): Your report needs to be based on the case studies distributed in the sessions Kantor, J. and Streitfeld, D XXXXXXXXXXInside...

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MN5054 Essential Psychology for Managers

Assignment XXXXXXXXXXwords):

Your report needs to be based on the case studies distributed in the sessions

Kantor, J. and Streitfeld, D XXXXXXXXXXInside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace. [online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Nov. 2017]

The situation needs to be discussed and analysed using 3 relevant psychological topics and theories that were discussed between the weeks 7-10 to explain what has happened (motivation, groups & teams, social influences).

Make recommendations based on theories discussed.

You can use diagrams, picture, tables, or other illustrations to showcase your understanding of psychological theories and concepts. Make sure you reference them properly.

Recommended structure:

Introduction to case study and theories

Discussion of relevant theories and concepts

Analysis using 3 theories

Recommendations based on theories

References in Harvard Style

Make sure you submit the report by week 12 via Turnitin.

Marking criteria:

Extend to which you have researched psychological topics (minimum 5 references)

Extent to which you demonstrate that you understand relevant psychological theories

Extent to which you have analysed the incident and linked it with relevant psychological theories

Appropriate use of academic citations and professional presentation

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Parul answered on Jul 12 2020
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Order No. 31884             Management
Although Amazon as an organisation was doing extremely well with high
and recognition and awareness implementing their idea of selling everything to everyone and everywhere. As an organisation, it had surpassed biggest retailer in the world, Walmart with market valuation of $250 billion. American e-commerce organisation that is situated in Washington established in 1994 today has become the largest online retailer in the USA with total number of employees as 1,65,000. Organisation was established as bookstore that soon diversified itself by selling everything right from video games to electronica and apparels. Not only this organisation is world's largest supplier of cloud infrastructure services (IaaS). However, internal atmosphere of this organisation describes a different story all together. Work culture and workplace is specifically being categorised as
uising place to work because of extremely negative environment. Team members don’t behave as a part of the team rather their attitude is much similar to a distant enemy since they don’t leave even a single opportunity to tear the other one apart i
espective whether it is a personal or professional issue. Thus, employees are pitted against one another and only way to perform better is to negate others. Amazon primarily operates the strategy of "churn and burn" which implies providing exciting assignments, roles, compensation only to top talented employees while firing the low performers. Many ex-employees of the organisation have
ought light to many issues and raised concerns like managers were completely devoid of empathy in dealing with their subordinates. By the virtue of this report I have highlighted degenerated and decaying atmosphere in one of the most successful organisation by taking help with relevant psychological theories. Furthermore, enlightening what is the impact on the motivation and team work.
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
As per this theory, “A Theory of Human Motivation” (Maslow, A., 1943) it is quite evident that as an individual one is motivated to accomplish his 5 basic needs that are organised in a pyramid basis the hierarchy. One solicit to satisfy the needs at the lowest level and co
espondingly pursue to achieve needs at higher level. This is one of the most prominent and simple tool for managers to comprehend the motivation level of employee's. Taking reference from “What's Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?” (Che
y, K., 2015) it is a human tendency that when a person spends more than nine hours in a place five days a week he or she expects something in return from the workplace that with reference to this theory can be mentioned below
· Physiological Needs that highlights fundamental issues of survival like compensation and job security
· Security Needs includes stable physical and safe mental workplace
· Need of Belongingness that caters with needs of social acceptance that includes team bonding, friendship and cooperation from colleagues on the jo
· Need for Self-Esteem that implies every employee has need to protect and maintain self-respect, positive image and wants to get recognized for the work performed may be in terms of roles provide, promotions, nice work-desks and exciting job assignments.
· Needs for self-actualization implies the requirement to achieving one's full potential. Employee don’t want feel that he is under leveraged and stagnant career growth since there is an innate desire to become capable and fully compliant with one's expectations
Taking reference from the case, “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace” (Streitfeld, J., 2018) employees at amazon are only able meet their physiological needs like receiving the salary at the end of the month. The situation has become so
utal that employees are not even able to achieve need of safety. Yes, there might be security in terms of physical protection at workplace however, there is a major section to do with mental safety and stress free work culture that is very much missing from the organisation. With burn and churn being followed by the managers doesn’t give certainty to even best of the performers for their job safety in case they are not able to meet the targets even once. Furthermore, team doesn’t work together rather work individually and then aggregate as a whole. Essentially members of team are always ready to take the other person down and highlight themselves as the hero. What can be clearly deduced from the case, “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace” (Streitfeld, J., 2018) is that Amazon's work culture is completely devoid of mental safety, there is high job uncertainty and extremely low sense of belongingness. Moreover, need of self-respect and dignity are also compromised when managers start to micromanage their subordinated even on weekends. Conversation with the former employees had
ought poignant issues where managers had acted more like taskmasters rather than a mentor lacking empathy for humanly problems and pressured to make work as priorities over their health and family. Many talented and good performers have voluntarily and in-voluntarily left the organisation.
Amazon as billion dollar organisation is turning a blind eye to the facts. Constant recruitments are conducted by the virtue of which Amazon is able to fulfil the parameters of head count in projects however there is no denying to the fact that they are losing some of the most talented, groomed and nurtured employees to the other contemporaries’ companies. All...

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