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Akansha answered on May 03 2020
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Question 1
What factors should you consider when deciding between the use of traditional media (Television, radio, newspapers, and magazines) and digital technologies such as blogs, wikis, podcasts, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter as communication strategies?
Today, whether one is an entrepreneur, student or business owner, we need to keep up with the fast changing environment to compete with others. The internet has forged the way to a large number of the consumer by allowing them to find a solution in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, traditional media benefits the consumers to see what they want and when they want. For a community organization, it will be beneficial to interact with the consumer through both media platforms.
Traditional media can reach a large number of audiences with the influential and strong message which affect the society effectively. Since many decades, television and radio have influence the people's lives and routines, influence the people to watch the matter again. People get more influenced by the advertisement and eager to buy the product. The traditional media successfully grasp the people’s attention which is adopted by the companies to cover the wide range of geographical area. It is the basis of advertisement and most commonly used by the business men (Bronson, 2012).
The digital technology is imminent of advertising. Business and consumers depends upon the digital technology, i.e. wikis, blogs, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter to find the information regarding the potential consumers or any business information for a community center, it will be useful to create a equili
ium between the both digital technologies and social media to create awareness or provide information related to their working to the large number of consumer. Traditional media is the bit more expensive than the digital technologies as involves both physical movement and mental thinking skills. The aim of the traditional media is to reach the target customer which can be easily implemented through this media channel. On the other hand, the aim of the digital media is to reach the wide range of people across the geographical area.
Question 2
Why should community service organizations evaluate communication strategies? Discuss two processes they could use to evaluate communication strategies?
Community service should evaluate the communication strategies because it allows the people to modify the campaign strategies and communication goals. The evaluation of communication strategies improves the efficiency of the communication between the management and potential consumers. The evaluation of the communication strategies helps to develop a new plan which is significant for the effective communications goals. It helps in evaluating and examining the resources like how the investment could be allocated or distributed to accomplish the desired goals. The community service workers are to be as a great communicator to interact with clients, funding bodies, co-workers, and the community members. The effective communication lays a foundation for the community service centre. Evaluation of communication strategies helps to understand how valuable they interact and able to attract the customers. A communication strategy acts as a road map for acquiring the information. The evaluation of strategies helps us to know if the strategies were giving positive or negative results. Positive communication gives good results out of it, and negative communication give unexpected bad results.
There are two processes to evaluate the communication strategies:
· Introduce regular surveys – The community centre must conduct various surveys to examine if they are communicating with the people effectively. The survey must ask the question related to the...

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