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Melanie Pendleton XXXXXXXXXXYesterday Jun 16 at 12:57pm Describe one key point that you will apply to the work environment immediately. In my current organization, I plan to implement some type of...

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Melanie Pendleton

XXXXXXXXXXYesterday Jun 16 at 12:57pm

Describe one key point that you will apply to the work environment immediately.

In my current organization, I plan to implement some type of performance management program with my followers. I will be using this summer to put the plan down on paper with implementation starting with my first tax class in the fall, as well as including the next tax season. We currently have two other employees and me for our two offices. Adding my tax class students to the performance review process will allow me to make a better determination as to if they will make a competent tax professional or not.

Highlight the specific course learning outcome(s) that relate(s) to this important takeaway.

  1. Implement a Performance Management strategy to support organizational development and organizational effectiveness.

Implementation of a performance management strategy for my current organization this fall is the learning outcome that relates to my takeaway from this class. Our book is the most significant resource that I feel has been the most helpful. There were a lot of articles we read as well as many that we have picked for our weekly discussions; it is hard to pick just one. The YouTube video we watched that showed a performance review was beneficial. I found an article for my final paper about “The Feedback Sandwich” performance reviews that go along with the video. The feedback sandwich model is that leaders give positive comments, critique, and finish with positive comments again (Parkes, Abercrombie, and McCarty, 2013).

Parkes, J., Abercrombie, S., & McCarty, T XXXXXXXXXXFeedback sandwiches affect perceptions but not performance.Advances in Health Sciences Education,18(3), XXXXXXXXXXdoi: XXXXXXXXXX

Julian Kaelin

XXXXXXXXXXYesterday Jun 16 at 5:42pm

I see the theory of performance management being that of a continuous well-rounded system designed to improved individual, teams, and organizational performance. From the onset of setting clear expectations with new employees to training to performing feedback and culminating in a fair and equitable rewards program, performance management is the framework that adds structure to an organization.

According to de Leeuw & van den Berg (2011), performance measurement looks for ways to improve organizational performance. Considering the current COVID-19 pandemic, organizations find themselves struggling how to effectively communicate. Whereas in the past, we all just gathered in a conference room once a week and hashed out any issues. Although managers have evolved to virtual meetings, the one area I will carry forward immediately in my current as well as future organizations, is improve on the way and how often senior level managers communicate, evaluate and act on performance information to improve the management of the organization (de Leeuw and van den Berg, 2011).

I knew this going into this course, but the article from Ghatak (2018), reinforced that to be effective any performance management system must be a continuous process to identify, measure, mentor, and develop individual and team. Meaning, if we take care of our employees, managers can help the organization meet its goals. Another great performance management area that hit home was on leadership development. As I have learned by watching successful leaders above me, I noticed that one area that they excelled at was in how they prepared those under them for higher levels of responsibility. As such, I am constantly training my replacement which is an excellent way to grow talented employees to fulfill future leadership roles (Holt, et al., 2018).

Finally, I found the week’s where we discussed the importance of cross-cultural training to be the area I had a lot of experience in, but given the importance ensuring employees are ready to accept roles outside their comfort zone not to mention home country, I’m not as experienced as I thought. As such, this is the performance area I will discuss with current management (myself included) to make sure our organization has a process in place to ensure success.
de Leeuw, S., van den Berg, P XXXXXXXXXXImproving operational performance by influencing shopfloor behavior via performance management practices (Links to an external site.). Journal of Operations Management, 29, 3, XXXXXXXXXXRetrieved from

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Programs. Journal of Managerial Issues, 30(2), 214+. Retrieved from|A XXXXXXXXXX?u=ashford

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Bhavna answered on Jun 18 2021
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Student Response of Melanie Pendleton
Q Discuss one key point that you will apply to the work environment immediately?
Ans In my company, I will execute performance management program as it plays important role in any companies HR guidelines.
A well established performance administration enable employers to establish better quality strategy plan, establish clear objectives, and trace performance in every work which aids to accomplish strategy goals and wealth creation. This procedure is way of giving rigorous method to the administration of performance and it gives importance on both human as well as company goals.
Performance administration is a combined and strategy method to retain achievement to the companies by improvises the performance of the employees and by improving the abilities of groups and therefore achieving goals. Performance administration is strategy in terms that is involved with wide problems facing the enterprise if it performs efficiently in its su
ounding through it determine to accomplish goals.
Q2) Implement a Performance Management strategy to support organisational development and organizational effectiveness
Ans 2)...

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