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MBA 700 Case Analysis Rubric Hoover’s Industry Index (n.d.) describes aspects the TV broadcast and cable networks industry. This industry has seen acquisitions after federal restrictions were lifted,...

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MBA 700 Case Analysis Rubric
Hoover’s Industry Index (n.d.) describes aspects the TV broadcast and cable networks industry. This industry has seen acquisitions after federal restrictions were lifted, allowing for more cross-ownership of businesses among the different media (Hoover’s Industry Index, n.d.).
In fact, in 2013, Comcast completed its purchase of media conglomerate NBCUniversal from GE and strengthened its presence in the industry. Hoover’s Industry Index (n.d.) described this industry opportunity as follows: “A variety of digital platforms provides the TV broadcasting industry with new distribution channels and revenue sources.”
Select one of these top U.S. companies competing in this industry, listed below, and complete a more in-depth analysis of its strategy (if you see your chosen company for the final project on this list, do not choose it; select a new company to research for this assignment).
1. Once you have selected one of these companies, focus your analysis on Module Five topics to discuss how that company has strengthened its generic strategy through complementary strategic moves in this industry. In your analysis of its strategic moves, examine the timing of these moves. 2. Then, discuss this company’s strategies for competing in international markets. How does the company enter foreign markets, complete internationally, and leverage any operations internationally? Use topics from Module Six in your analysis. Can you recommend any additional strategies for international markets?
Include 6 to 8 double-spaced pages for your analysis.
Company Sales Employees Location General Electric Company 147,359.00M 305,000 Fairfield, CT Comcast Corporation 62,570.00M 129,000 Philadelphia, PA The Walt Disney Company 42,278.00M 166,000 Burbank, CA News Corporation 33,706.00M 48,000 New York, NY Time Warner Inc. 28,729.00M 34,000 New York, NY NBCUniversal Media, LLC 19,200.00M 30,000 New York, NY CBS Corporation 14,089.00M 20,930 New York, NY Viacom Inc. 13,887.00M 9,880 New York, NY DISH DBS CORPORATION 13,151.60M 3 Englewood, CO Liberty Interactive Corporation 10,054.00M 22,000 Englewood, CO
(Hoover’s Industry Index, n.d.
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General Electric: Strategic Analysis
Course Name
General Electric: Strategic analysis
General Electric is one of the biggest companies of United Sated and is considered as one of the most diversified company as the company indulged in wide range of operations. Its products include electrical and electronic equipment, aircraft engines, and financial services. Headquarters are in Boston.
The company came into existence in 1892 and has been in this industry from more than last one decade. Considering the diversified portfolio of General Electric, we cannot say that the company operates in one industry. The company operates in more than one industry with its diversified portfolio.
Transformer Manufacturing
The companies under this industry manufacture power, distribution and the specialized transformers. Some of the major companies which are operating in this industry includes General Electric, Mitsubhishi Electric, Siemens and Schneider Electric. The demand of this industry is majorly driven by different construction and manufacturing building. Economies of scale plays a major role in the success of the companies operating in this industry.
Lightning Equipment Manufacturing
Companies in this industry emphasize on manufacturing electric lights and tubes and other lighting fixtures. Some of the major companies operating in this industry are Acuity
ands and Hu
ell, OSRAM, Philips lightning, TCP International and General Electric. The demand of this industry is driven by residential, industrial and commercial construction companies. The companies who have been established since long like GE has the advantage of purchasing power, manufacturing volume as well as distribution...

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