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PART A (32 marks) Develop preliminary event creative concepts Working in groups of maximum 4 people, you are required to develop creative events concepts for 2 Events of your choice, based on Sport,...

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PART A (32 marks)
Develop preliminary event creative concepts
Working in groups of maximum 4 people, you are required to develop creative events concepts for 2 Events of your choice, based on Sport, Fitness and Recreation environment.

PART B (116 marks)
Develop implementation specifications for the selected event concept (60 marks)
For only ONE of the two previous Events Concepts developed in PART A, you are required to produce an Event Plan, using the provided template below.

PART C (20 marks)
1. Seek input and feedback on concepts from relevant stakeholders

What actions would your group take in order to refine the Event Specifications according to these feedbacks?
Write a paragraph identifying possible solutions and actions to be taken in regards to both feedbacks and how you would implement these changes for future improvements.

2. Present a proposal to stakeholders (16 marks)
Your group will need to develop and present a Proposal Letter to one of the stakeholders that you have identified in your Event Plan. It is essential to present your event specifications to relevant parties for funding or approval

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Table of Contents
Introduction:    1
PART A:    1
Establish the concept to develop an event.    1
Part B:    4
Implementation of event concept:    4
Event execution procedures:    5
Marketing plan and promotional activities:    5
Contingency and risk planning:    5
Part C:    16
Q1. Feedback on event concept from the stakeholders    16
Q2. Presentation of proposal to the relevant stakeholders    17
Conclusion    18
Reference List:    19
Event Management includes the management process associated with the promotion, development of a specific event concept. Organising different events like sports, fitness, festivals, and the involvement of people into these concepts is established.
Establish the concept to develop an event.
To develop the concept of sports and fitness event, De Bono's six hat thinking model has been used to illustrate the development of such event conception.
· Event concept for Sports:
White Hat (Concept):
The main concept of creating a sports event is to make people more engaged in sports and to perform a high quality of success through sports. Audzeyeva, & Hudson (2016) pointed out that the main advantage of creating a sports event is to promote and develop the interest for sports to the public and their involvement.
Red Hat (Feedback):
To keep the record of the feedback from customers and stakeholders, the feedback forms of such events are generally distributed through online process. These feedbacks are important in the development of such sports events.
Yellow Hat (Benefits):
The factors of organising sports events are prioritized to create the competitive advantage. In case of sports events, certain sports are prioritized most before organising an event rather than other sports. As stated by Ba
on, & Ali-Knight (2017) in the UK, sports such as cricket, football, tennis are prioritized most in an event rather than others.
Black Hat (Disadvantages):
There are some drawbacks in holding a sports event such as demands of enough funds and publicity of the event. Shortage of funds has an adverse effect on the development of sports event.
Blue Hat (Planning):
The planning to create and develop a sporting event is an important factor. This planning includes feedbacks from stakeholders and shareholders, the involvement of the employees and customer. As opined by Bova et al. (2016) the management process in the sporting event is generally accompanied by combining new ideas innovations and development methods. Woods (2015) pointed out that another important factor of planning is the cost-effectiveness of the event. Certain sports are prioritized to maintain this cost-effectiveness of the event.
The internal and external factors of such sports include the economic gain of the shareholders, development of sports concept, and promotion of such concept. According to Carlon, & Downs (2014), the external factors also influence the effectiveness of such event development. These include conflicts between the planning of stakeholders and the development and organisation of such events.
The political involvement is also a great factor which establishes the event development. As stated by Watt & Marsalek (2013) the socio-economical involvement and impact on these events include the overall engagement to enhance the quality of the event
Green Hat(Ideas):
In sports, the biggest negated issue is a failure in particular areas. Therefore, motivation and self-actualisation are crucial in this case. As stated by Cavicchi, & Santini (2014)The event may focus on merging motivation with sports so that they may inspire the participants to become athletics in near future.
· Event concept for Fitness:
White Hat (Concept):
The main concern of developing a fitness event concept is to provide health awareness and health promotion among the public or the service user. By creating fitness event promotion of health care services are also enhanced (Chen et al. 2014)
Red Hat (Feedback):
The feedback or statements from stakeholders and the service users are recorded to measure the efficiency of creating such health-promoting events.
Yellow Hat (Benefits):
Development of fitness event concept enhances the promotion of health and social service of care and by making people more aware about impact of health issues (Whitton et al. 2016)
Black Hat (Disadvantages):
Some drawbacks of such event concept are lack of money or resources. The shortage of resources and funds are unable to meet the huge demand from the service user. As opined by Connolly et al. (2013) the involvement of political and economical parties often causes conflicts in the statement regarding the development of such event concept.
Blue Hat (Planning):
To develop the fitness event the planning of creating and developing event plays a major role. As opined by O’Riordan & Fai
ass (2014) the planning includes feedbacks from stakeholders, approval of strategies, and execution of methodologies in the proper manner.
Green Hat(Ideas):
The new innovation in healthcare services includes an overall development and enhancement of fitness event. As stated by DeVita et al. (2017)In this case the management may undertake presentation of the issues that may pertain if fitness is not maintained.
Part B:
Implementation of event concept:
The implementation of event concept depends on few factors such as execution procedures, planning and development activities, and risk planning. According to Eskerod et al. (2015) the development of concept ideas, executed in an event is organised by certain strategies as follows
Event execution procedures:
For the execution of such event, concepts require supplies which include health and safety plans of the company, construction of activity statements, and documentation of the regulation system. The setting up of this event includes proper venue and environment, availability of food, enough space for people and risk-reducing phenomenon. According to Iyer et al. (2014)for the implementation of event concept, all the processes should be looked over to provide an efficient outcome. The health and safety plans and the shutdown process are also the major concerning area for the improvisation of event...

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