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LP4 Assignment: NGOs This assignment will assess the following competencies: 4. Evaluate international nonprofit and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) that identify, educate, and intervene in...

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LP4 Assignment: NGOs

This assignment will assess the following competencies:
4. Evaluate international nonprofit and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) that identify, educate, and intervene in global health care.
5. Analyze the impact of international issues on the United States healthcare system.

Directions: In a XXXXXXXXXXword paper (words included on the title page and reference section do not count towards this length requirement), analyze and evaluate the impact of health education that is provided by NGOs in underdeveloped countries.

Consider the following in your analysis:

• The major initiatives conducted by these agencies
• The effectiveness of these initiatives
• Five key health care related issues impacted by these initiatives
• What the impact of these initiatives on these issues has been
• The impact of these organizations on US health care

Criteria for this paper:

• The paper must be written and properly cited in APA style
• The paper must include at least three peer-reviewed sources other than the text

Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox LP4 Assignment: NGOs. This assignment is worth 100 points; grading will be based on the General Writing Rubric, located under "Course Information."

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Non-Governmental Organizations
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The non-governmental organization i.e NGO is legal constituted association that is developed by the legitimate people who works in a group from any legislature. Many NGOs are supported absolutely or halfway by the governments, these organizations maintain the status of non-legislative by ba
ing the government agents in order to participate in the association. NGO term is connected with the associations that mainly look for more extensive social point that has political perspectives, yet the organizations must not plainly political associations like political groups. (https:, n.d). These NGOs can also be termed as the voluntary organizations that are is developing in connection to its essence in development area. Its role in the development of healthcare services is generally perceived and acknowledged in many parts of the whole world. This paper will discuss about the health issues in US healthcare and how NGOs take initiative for improving US healthcare system. (Latha, K., L. & Prabhakar, K., 2011).
Initiatives taken by NGOs in Healthcare Industry
The healthcare frameworks are relied upon to serve the populace requirements in a compelling, effective as well as impartial way. Hence, the significance of reinforcing of public, private as well as the community health system has been accentuated over and over. In the vast majority of the developing nations, certain shortcomings as well as gaps in the administration wellbeing frameworks have been hampering the accomplishment of enhanced wellbeing results. By including the NGOs for wellbeing framework fortifying may in the long run can add to make a healthcare framework reflects an expanded effectiveness, greater value and great administration by considering the goals of Millennium Development. (Ejaz, I. & Shaikh, B., T., 2011).
Example: Kaiser Permanente is NGO that is working in healthcare industry. This managed care consortium has almost 9 million wellbeing members who are look after by 37 hospitals as well as more than 600 therapeutic workplaces. Kaiser Permanente additionally assumes an advocacy role by supporting group wellbeing activities identified with great sustenance, dynamic living, local security and ecological maintainability. For all intents and purposes all community healthcare programs are keep running as NGOs. These give an extensive variety of administrations that includes free medicinal and dental facilities, free inoculation projects and AIDS counteractive action programs.
The another example of such NGO is The American Cancer Society is mainly national wellbeing association that educates the public, conducts campaigning endeavors as well as subsidizes research to address a noteworthy medical issue. Other American NGOs are also known as the American Lung organization as well as the American Diabetes Association. The American Red Cross performs particular medicinal services administrations that includes the donor blood group and catastrophe alleviation administrations. A few NGOs utilize IT to give wellbeing information administration frameworks and information analysis that can be utilized as a part of the detailing of healthcare strategy. The Colorado Health Institute (CHI) is a case of an...

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