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LP1 Assignment: Millennium Development Goals This assignment will assess competency 1. Analyze global issues in health care. Directions : Choose one of the eight worldwide Millennium Development...

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LP1 Assignment: Millennium Development Goals

This assignment will assess competency 1. Analyze global issues in health care.

Directions: Choose one of the eight worldwide Millennium Development Goals. In a XXXXXXXXXXword paper (not to include words on the cover page or reference section), analyze the factors that have had and will have an impact on the goal you have selected.

Include the following in your analysis:

• Identify and discuss three key challenges which will negatively impact or prevent attainment of this goal.
• Consider possible solutions which can overcome these challenges.
• Discuss the potential impacts this will this have on U.S. and global healthcare systems.
• Identify what impact this might this would have on other developed and underdeveloped countries. Provide examples or scenarios.
• Discuss how the U.S. may help or hinder the process of meeting this global goal.

Criteria for this paper:

• The paper must be written and properly cited in APA style. For help with APA style, please see the NAU Online Library’s APA page.
• The paper must include at least five peer-reviewed sources, not including the textbook. If you don’t know how to locate peer-reviewed sources, please watch the Scholarly vs. Popular sources tutorialavailable from the library. It will show you what a peer-reviewed article is, as well as how to find one in the library

Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox LP1 Assignment: Millennium Development Goals. This assignment is worth 100points and will be graded according to the General Writing Rubric, located under Course Information.

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LP1 Assignment: Millennium Development Goals
This paper discusses one “Millennium Development Goal” that is “Reduce Child Mortality” with the help of different related aspects. The paper describes the presence of various kinds of the challenges that may affect the efforts of UN and other related countries to achieve the goal completely. It discusses some challenges such as low coverage of affordable intervention, proper education and under-nutrition as well as the needs to address these challenges with the help of changes in basic education systems as well as the healthcare systems. This paper also describes the aggressive role of the U.S. that can help the UN to achieve the goal related to “Reduce Child Mortality". 
The Millennium Development Goal that is selected for this paper is MDG4 i.e. Reduce Child Mortality or also known as Under-5 deaths. The target set for this goal was to reduce child mortality by two thirds in the period between 1990 and 2015. Though child mortality has actually reduced by half from 90 to 43 per 1000 live births between 1990 and 2015, there are still serious challenges to the attainment of the goal. The paper will look at those challenges and possible solutions to them and how does it all tie together for the USA.
Three Key Challenges
Most of the countries that are right up there in child mortality rate are either developing or under-developed economies and hence it comes as no surprise that African countries account for almost half of the cases. Therefore if MDG4 targets are to be met then Africa has to close the gap and hence challenges which are more contextual to Africa would form the key challenges. 3 main challenges are -
Low Coverage of affordable Intervention: It is a known fact that interventions for diseases like Malaria etc. are abysmally low in the African region. In fact, out of 24 preventive interventions, only four (measles, Vitamin A, Breastfeeding and Clean Delivery) had coverage of more than 50%. And eight interventions had coverage of less than 5% United (Chronicle, 2007). When 44% of the under-five deaths (in 2013) occu
ed in first 28 days of the birth, often refe
ed to as “neonatal period” (WHO, 2017). It becomes critical that interventions are affordable and easily accessible.
Proper Education: Lack of education poses another considerable challenge to the attainment of “Child Mortality” Millennium Development Goal. The solution to any problem is easy when there is enough awareness about the problem and it is in this light that Lack of Education poses the biggest threat. As per UN data, education will encourage pregnant women and other family members to become more aware of the effects that nutritional food will have on the well being of infants. It will also help reduce the birth of pre-term babies and malnutrition babies.(Cnattingius, Villamor& Johansson, 2013, and Bhutta, Cleves & Casey, 2002).Since a large chunk of child mortality cases comes from underdeveloped and poor countries, it becomes almost imperative that these countries take a lead in establishing...

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