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Learning Outcomes:After completing the module, you should be able to:1) Critically evaluate major theoretical perspectives of leadership.2) Critically analyse leadership situations through engagement...

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Learning Outcomes:

After completing the module, you should be able to:

1) Critically evaluate major theoretical perspectives of leadership.

2) Critically analyse leadership situations through engagement with real-life

scenarios at workplace.

3) Assess the impact of disruptive technologies in the workplace and the

emergence of disruptive business models from unexpected competitors

leading to change.

4) Audit an organisation to identify challenges to successful transformation.

5) Effective Communication. Communicate effectively both, verbally and in

writing, using a range of media widely used in relevant professional context.

Be IT, digitally and information literate.

Assignment Task - Leadership portfolio

You are required to submit a leadership portfolio based upon a case study of a

transforming organisation that you are familiar with (use of the case study will be

subject to your tutor’s approval). The portfolio will comprise of three parts:

Organisational Audit, Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Part 1 – Organisational Audit

Task: To conduct an audit of a organisation undergoing change and evaluate the

organisation’s current state of leadership readiness and capabilities.

Your audit should include a brief overview of the case organisation, analysis

of the current state of leadership of the organisation, identify and discuss key

strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of both the internal and external

environment and identify some of the key leadership challenges faced by your case

organisation in successfully transitioning to accommodate necessary change.

For this part of the assignment, you must draw on relevant theories and concepts that

were explored in the module materials to underpin your analysis. Your report should

also be informed and underpinned by relevant academic literature.

Part 2 – Personal development plan (PDP).

To produce a detailed personal development plan (PDP) supported

by reflections from the case study and work experience (if relevant).

You should identify development areas, skills and experiences

that you will require in order to forge a career as a business leader in a changing

environment. Your PDP should be informed by theory and practice based literature.

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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Overview of the case organisation    3
Analysis of the cu
ent state of leadership of the organisation    3
Identifying the internal and external environment    4
External environment analysis    6
Identification of key leadership challenges faced successfully implement changes    7
Conclusion    8
References    8
The improvement of an organization's performance quality is closely linked to digital transformation. With the use of this technology, businesses may raise their performance standards and give their clients better service. This section of the study's primary goal is to assess the effectiveness of leadership techniques for implementing digital transformation inside a company.
Overview of the case organisation
Due to its widespread appeal, the well-known blackbe
y firm with headquarters in the UK saw great success in the 2000s. When the firm started creating smartphones, its premium privacy security system was its most well-known feature. Between 2009 and 2010, this smartphone
and was used by about 85 million people worldwide, including in the UK. Nearly 50% of the US market share was held by the corporation at that time (blackbe, 2022). Furthermore, the corporation holds about 20% of the market share. Nevertheless, the business had an a
upt drop in growth rate in 2010 (, 2022). Nonetheless, the company's sales have dropped due to the technology's explosive growth pace. Additionally, the majority of consumers are targeted by Samsung and Apple smartphones. Touch displays have drastically changed the smartphone sector, whilst Blackbe
y was still limited to keyboard phones. As a result, it ranks among the primary causes of the decline in the business sector's sales average (, 2021). However, the corporation continued to be stuck with not investing in the development of touch screen mobile devices, which became the primary cause of the decline in business sales rate and competitive market inside the market research of the smartphone sector.
Analysis of the cu
ent state of leadership of the organisation
The company's business organization appears to have been significantly impacted by the leadership. According to Cui et al. (2022, p. 1225), a well-designed leadership strategy has consistently assisted the company organization in increasing employee productivity and capacity. On the other hand, a deficiency of leadership abilities within the firm can have a significant negative effect on the business organization; the implementation of a well-designed leadership system within the company's workforce will enhance the management structure of the business organization. It may assist the business sector in achieving the same aims or objectives as the majority of international corporate organizations have adopted transformational leadership within their workforce. In order to implement any plans and encourage staff to em
ace new changes, leadership plays a critical role in an organization. Nguyen et al. (2018) claim that enhancing a company's performance through a higher margin of productivity is a component of digital transformation. A company's capacity to compete in the market and achieve maximum profitability depends on its level of productivity. One of the top businesses in the UK at implementing digital transformation is Blackbe
y, and the corporation has adopted an efficient leadership style for this approach. This organization has adopted a transformational leadership style, which has assisted in piqueing employees' interest in and desire to uphold these technologies. As per Ca
onell and Nassè's (2021) perspective (p. 10), the company's executives have facilitated the employees' acquisition of new technology by motivating them to participate in workshops and educational events. Employee motivation in being more productive and potential is influenced by Blackbe
y's present leadership situation (ushbc.bluebe, 2022). It is advantageous for this business to draw clients in and keep them as devoted supporters. One of the key elements that has enabled this business to attract the interest of its target clientele is the quality of its customer service.
Identifying the internal and external environment
Internal analysis
SWOT analysis
● Robust consumer segmentation
● High-security mobile phones
● Blackbe
y operating system
● High degree of reliance on the government
● Lack of
and values inside the competitive market edge
● Poor outlook in the economic...

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