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Leadership and Management Read the following article: Abdulaziz, A XXXXXXXXXXLeadership of healthcare professionals: Where do we stand? Oman Medical Journal, 28(4), XXXXXXXXXXdoi: XXXXXXXXXX/omj...

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Leadership and Management

Read the following article:

Abdulaziz, A XXXXXXXXXXLeadership of healthcare professionals: Where do we stand? Oman Medical Journal, 28(4), XXXXXXXXXXdoi: XXXXXXXXXX/omj XXXXXXXXXX

For this assignment, you will identify an area of health care (i.e., long-term care, facility operations, finance, health care insurance, etc.) you find particularly interesting. Locate a health care leader (supervisor, manager, director, etc.) that is currently working in your selected area of health care. You are to conduct an interview with your chosen leader. Your interview can either be by phone or an in-person interview. You are to compose a list of 8-10 questions to ask the interviewee. Your questions should be directly related to this module’s readings and should not be closed-end questions (requiring more than a yes or no response). See example questions below:

  1. What is your leadership style and how do you apply it in your everyday activities?
  2. What are some leadership qualities that are needed in today’s health care environment?
  3. How do you balance power and authority as a leader?

You are to complete a voice-recorded, narrated 12- to 15-slide PowerPoint (PPT) presentation covering the following:

  1. Name of leader interviewed, years in the health care industry, education, and management experience.
  2. Provide a brief discussion of his/her role and a brief description of the health care program/department managed, and the organization itself.
  3. Summary of questions asked and responses.
  4. Identify both leadership and management characteristics of your interviewee.
  5. Explain how you will apply what you learned in your interview in your career as a health care leader.

(Note: One resource that you can use to find a health care professional to interview is For assistance with creating a PPT with a voiceover see the following two (2) sources: (1) (2)

SLP Assignment Expectations

  1. Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to justify/support the importance to questions asked and information presented in PPT.
  2. Support your SLP with peer-reviewed articles, using at least 2 references. Use the following source for additional information on how to recognize peer-reviewed journals:
  3. You may use the following source to assist in formatting your assignment:

I need 12-15 PPT slides, APA, 4-5 in-text citations, 4-5 references

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Running Head: LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT                    1
LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT                             7
Table of Contents
1. Details of interviewee    3
2. Role of the manager and
ief ides of the health care department managed    3
3. Summary of the questions asked and the responses    3
4. Leadership and management characteristics of the interviewee    6
5. Application of the learnings in personal career    7
References    8
1. Details of interviewee
Name: XYZ
Years in health care industry: 12 years
Education: Masters of Health Administration
Management Experience: 6 years
2. Role of the manager and
ief ides of the health care department managed
The role of the manager is to look after the operations of the hospital. They also have to frame policies for improving the satisfaction level of the patients (Abdulaziz, 2013). They look after the budgeting function and is entitled to ensure that the cost of operation do not exceed a specified limit. As per the views of Kumar and Khiljee (2016), the manager is responsible for ensuring that there are no communication gaps in the organization. The flow of information needs to be fast and the noise should be minimized to the extent possible. Being a small organization the manager has to look after the operations as well as budgeting. They are also required to perform recruiting function for the finance departments (Abdulaziz, 2013). They are responsible for any issue that may arise in the health care unit.
3. Summary of the questions asked and the responses
1. Can you share your experience of being a manager with us?
As per the response of the manager, he had an experience of a more than 6 years in the cu
ent managerial position of the hospital. It is a job that requires instant decisions, effective communications and various managerial skills. It is an interesting job if one has the potential to learn new things and improve on the existing knowledge. The experience in the past 6 years have been good. He had seen the organization grow and that was is one of the best part of being a manager. He also explained that co-ordination and application of knowledge are the most required skills at the managerial position of a hospital.
2. How do you adapt to advances in medical technology?
He explained that being technically sound is the requirement of the industry. Efforts are made to make the operations of the hospital efficient and effective. Once a new technology is available in the market, the same is tested in the organization. If the technology is found to be efficient, the same is procured. Due focus is put on machines used for testing purpose as they become obsolete very fast. The manager also highlighted the policy of the hospital to implement...

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