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Excel work sheet with 5 tasks

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Tanmoy answered on Jun 16 2021
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        Reduce, Reuse, Recycle    Available
        Contain paper recycling bins    Yes
        Recycle cardboard    Yes
        Reuse printer cartridges    No
        Print most items duplex (double sided)    No
        Reuse paper and envelopes for scrap notes    Yes
        Water Use
        Have flow restrictors on taps    Yes
        Take note of any leaks or running cisterns    Yes
        Energy Use
        Lighting control technology such as dimming or movement sensors    No
        Turn off lights and power out of operating hours    Yes
        Turn off computers and office equipment out of operating hours    Yes
        Use natural lighting where possible    No
        Environmental Purchasing
        Purchase recycled paper    Yes
        Give preference to environmentally friendly products    Yes
        Explain how organisations can reduce power usage in an office environment
        For running a business the owner or the management of the business must take into consideration various costs that are hitting the net profits of the company. These remains unnoticed and keeps on growing. These costs impacts the budgets also. These costs may be related to the cost of energy. Hence, it is the duty of the financial officers to look into this issues how efficiently the energy can be utilized so as to minimize these costs. There it becomes necessary for the business owners to make smart changes around the workplace and involve everyone in the organization for the energy savings initiatives. The various ways the energy can be saved or its consumption can be minimized in an organization are as follows: 1. Switching of artificial lights and turning on natural lights: The windows of the office should be constructed in such a way so as the day lights are easily penetrable and work can be done under the day light. Only in case of rainy season or during the evening where the light become dim the artificial light should be turned on....

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