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INTB3080 Case Study or Article Report Grade: ____/4+6=10pts CSA Report & Quiz Instructions Purpose: This assignment is designed to support development of your cultural competence by encouraging you to...

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Case Study or Article Report                                 Grade: ____/4+6=10pts
CSA Report & Quiz Instructions
Purpose: This assignment is designed to support development of your cultural competence by encouraging you to read and think critically about different aspects of the global business economy, especially as it relates to successful communication and differing business norms across cultures. Further, you will have the opportunity to further develop critical analysis skills through peer evaluation.
Passage: Complete the following steps in this order.
· Read the assigned case study or article for the co
esponding due date (see syllabus);
· Complete the Canvas quiz assigned for each CSA by the due date (6pts);
· Note – The quiz deadline will be before the softcopy/hardcopy report deadline!
· Download and use the e-template provided to complete your report;
· Submit a softcopy of your report via Canvas by the due date and time;
· Bring a hardcopy of your report to class on the due date, and;
· During class evaluate those classmate’s reports assigned to you and record their score in Canvas (4pts).
· Your report should be one full SINGLE-sided 1.0 single-spaced page;
· Do not adjust margins, font style or font size in the template document.
Principle: Do not let the deceptively short nature of the assignment fool you. Ensure you have consulted the assignment ru
ic to better understand how report content will reviewed and graded.
Points:     10 points total (Peer-evaluation of report + quiz grade).
Name:     Josh Hayes                
Section: 006
I. Alternative Points of View
Text here
II. Recommendations
Text here
INTB 3080_CSA Report – Dr. Johns_UC
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Parul answered on Nov 13 2021
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Report on Harley Davidson Internationalization in the Trump Era
Harley Davidson or Harley is an iconic motorcycle company started over 100 years ago by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson. Biggest pivot in the legacy of this American Motorcycle
and is when it mounted its V-turn engine into a frame in 1909 and this has become the signature of the
and ever since. By 1920, Harley Davidson had become world's biggest motorcycle manufacturers; it had around 2000 stores in 67 countries. Taking into consideration recent past, in 2016 over 262000 bikes were sold that accounted for most of US $6 billion in annual revenue. Expanding into merchandises, Harley Davidson also manufactures leather jackets, boots/shoes, T-shirts etc. that account to 5.4% in revenue in 2016 which amounted to US $216 million. However, in year 2017 to 2019 company has seen tremendous downfalls in sales especially in United States since not too many people are buying Harley Davidson anymore. In fact, entire market for motorcycle is facing a lull period since people are not so active and captivated with bikes. Therefore, Harley Davidson must re-think their strategy in motorcycle in order to increase sales and stock...

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