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It management issues

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Arun answered on Mar 09 2020
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FedEx Courier Company and Information and Communication Technology Role
The report aims to provide the FedEx ability to explore the information and communication technology for the business success. This is evident by the positive approach of the company to pioneer in first automated customer service centre.
A general beneficial analysis of information and communication technology for companies reveals that information and communication technology enhances access to the information (Laronde, MacLeod, Frost, and Waller, 2017). The use of internet has flourished (Law, Buhalis, and Cobanoglu, 2017) due to ease of access. Thus, increasing use of various ICT tools such as mobile phones, laptops, RFID technology and other important tools has become prevalent.
The company is known for operating one of the largest telecommunication networks in the world (Technological innovation at FedEx, 2018). The shipment transit of couriers is operated by the hand held devices. The role of information technology and communication is reflected by the company focus towards customer’s satisfaction as the businesses can monitor the status of packages at all location falling in the delivery route in real time. Company uses Computer Operation Service Mater On-line system or COSMOS for tracking the packages (Technological innovation at FedEx, 2018). The...

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