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Problem Analysis Katsand have decided to invest in the lease (or purchase) of the property at XXXXXXXXXXHindley Street, Adelaide. Previously the location of Caos Café, a bar and function centre, this...

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Problem Analysis
Katsand have decided to invest in the lease (or purchase) of the property at XXXXXXXXXXHindley Street, Adelaide.  Previously the location of Caos Café, a bar and function centre, this property has been vacant for 2 years.  Katsand wish to reopen the facility but the location requires a refit.
ounding Caos Café are a variety of similar outlets on Hindley Street itself within a five minute walk, including a new food court within UniSA City West Campus. 
Tenders have been sent out to complete the fitout and three have been short listed for selection.
Katsand have decided to tender the refu
ishment and have determined the following non-financial selection criteria
· Recent experience with similar fit-outs
· Effective management of subcontractors
· Proven risk management
· Ability to meet the time frame – start and finish dates
· Evidence of good subcontractor management
· Contactability
· Agree to be contactable / return requests for information in a timely manne
· Australian based organisation
· Appropriate insurance in place for the duration of the contract
· Appropriateness of the proposed design
All three contractors were very similar in their tender responses and as such the final selection criteria and associated weightings are:
· Time to complete the refu
ishment                               10
· Reputation of the tendering business                              9
· Look and feel of the proposed fit out design                 11
The tenders resulted in the following:           
    Business A
    Business B
    Business C
    8 weeks
    10 weeks
    12 weeks
    Very Good
    Look and Feel
    Art Deco
    Student friendly
Scores were allocated by Katsand as follows:
    Business A
    Business B
    Business C
    Look and Feel
The totals for the three tenders were very close – two were the same and only 3 points the difference to the next highest.
Your task is to select the business that you feel most closely fits the selection criteria of the manager for Katsand, noting the reasons for this selection before you select your chosen option and move on to the next screen.
Now - make your decision - which company should Katsand Properties choose based solely on the non-financial criteria of the tender.
I selected Business A
Business A
Your selection tends to suggest you are an analytical decision maker. 
· What element of the decision you made tends to suggest this? 
· Does this agree with your decision making style?

problem Analysis
You will only have ONE opportunity to make decisions in this analysis problem. Make sure that you take notes about the decisions that you make and then write a 500-word reflection that discusses why you made the decisions and why you chose not to go with the other alternatives.
Assessment Criteria
    Number of Marks
    Referencing Technique
    The student has co
ectly used the Harvard (UniSA) referencing method as per the assignment requirements
    Depth of Research
    The student has used a minimum of three (3) references - higher marks are awarded for additional references above the minimum and relevance to the task. Academic references are prefe
ed however web based references are also acceptable.
    Decision Making Reflection
    The student has shown an in depth reflection in their own decision making process, reflecting on the impact of their own decision style and personality.
The reflection must include reference to literature of decision style and personality.
The reflection may include a discussion of the type of problem being analysed
    The student has used co
ect English grammar, spelling and punctuation
    Task Completion
    The student has followed all requirements as described in the Course Outline and the Learnonline page
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