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Page 1 of 12 MMK368 – Business Marketing T1 2018 Assessment 1 – Market Analysis DUE DATE AND TIME: Week 5 - Wednesday 11 April before 5.00 pm (AEST) PERCENTAGE OF FINAL GRADE: 20% HURDLE DETAILS:...

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MMK368 – Business Marketing
T1 2018
Assessment 1 – Market Analysis

DUE DATE AND TIME: Week 5 - Wednesday 11 April before 5.00 pm (AEST)
HURDLE DETAILS: Assessment 1 is not a hurdle but is required for
Assessment 2 Market Plan
Learning Outcome Details
Unit Learning Outcome (ULO) Graduate Learning Outcome
ULO 1: Describe business-to-business and business-to-government
GLO1 Discipline-specific knowledge
and capabilities: appropriate to the
level of study related to a discipline or
GLO2 Communication: using oral,
written and interpersonal
communication to inform, motivate
and effect change
GLO3 Digital literacy: using
technologies to find, use and
disseminate information
GLO4 Critical thinking: evaluating
information using critical and
analytical thinking and judgment
Assessment Feedback:
Students who submit their work by the due date will receive their marks and feedback on
CloudDeakin on 26 April 2018 at 5.00pm
Description / Requirements
Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 are individual assessment tasks. The continuing assessment
• Assessment 1: A Market Analysis report submitted in Week 5
• Assessment 2: A Marketing Plan (based on your Market Analysis) submitted in Week 10.

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You are the National Sales Manager for the Australian Packaging and Machinery Company (APMC).
This company sells consumable plastic “film” used to wrap products for storage and transportation
on pallets. The consumable film used to secure products onto pallets are:
1. Shrink bags which are placed over the palletized product and heated until the bag
2. Stretch “film” that is wrapped around pallets of products.

APMC specialize in supplying film to secure entire pallet loads. APMC do not manufacture the
machines or sell the film used to wrap small numbers of items together, such as blister packs, vacuum
packing, and cryovac. You can see more about pallet wrapping at

Exhibit 1: A shrink machine and a hand-held shrink gun for wrapping palletized product

Source: http:; Accessed 22/01/2013

Exhibit 2: Stretch machines and hand-held dispensers for wrapping palletized product

Source: http:; Accessed 22/1/2013
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The type of equipment and the amount of consumable film purchased by companies depends mainly
on how much product they make. For instance, a large manufacturer may have several automatic
wrapping machines, while a small manufacturer may use hand-held equipment. Worldwide, most
companies are already using either shrink or stretch equipment to wrap their pallet loads for
transportation and storage. Selling consumable wrapping (i.e., shrink and stretch film) is the core part of
APMC’s business. These market are usually very competitive. Customers who have bought such
equipment and who buy the consumable wrapping range from large, international manufacturers to
smaller national and local companies.

In your market analysis you should assume that shrink and stretch wrapping is applied to a standard
pallet size of approximately 1200 mm x 1200 mm with an average height of 1000 mm. The average
weight of product ca
ied on a pallet of this size is one tonne and the average volume on a pallet is
1,000 liters. Customers shipping over 5,000 tonnes annually would typically use shrink or stretch
machines to wrap their products and companies shipping less than 5,000 tonnes annually use hand-
held stretch tools to wrap their product. The cost per pallet for shrink wrap bags and stretch film are
provided in Table 1 and you must assume that APMC buy shrink and stretch film for re-sale from local
manufacturers in every country at the following cost prices.

Table 1: Film cost per pallet
Cost per roll
Cost per pallet
Pallets covered
per roll
Shrink wrap film
Machine stretch film
Hand stretch films
$ 9.00
$ 6.00
$ 10.00

The decision has been made to expand APMC’s business overseas. You will need to review the data
available for different countries and packaged food products in PASSPORT (as described in the
following sections) and then choose one country (not region) for APMC to enter. The six regional
markets have already been categorized by APMC’s marketing department. PASSPORT lists the
following six regions which include 77 countries:
1. Western Europe
2. Eastern Europe
3. Asia Pacific (you may not choose Australia)
4. Latin America
5. Middle East and Africa
6. North America

XXXXXXXXXXDeakin's Bachelor of Commerce and MBA are internationally EPAS accredited.
Deakin Business School is accredited by AACSB.

It has already been decided by APMC that only the “Soft Drinks” category of these country markets will be
entered. PASSPORT provides data and other information on the product sub-segments, such as bottled water,
onates, juice, ready-to-drink tea and coffee, etc.

You are to prepare a Market Analysis for the demand for pallet film wrapping in the soft drink market for the
country you selected. You are required to segment the market and clearly identify, evaluate, and justify a
sufficient number of viable sub-segments for APMC to target. Your market analysis should focus on the
identification, interpretation, and presentation of information and data from PASSPORT and other sources
elevant to market segmentation. The analysis should demonstrate a clear understanding of market analysis
through the application of relevant business-to-business market segmentation concepts and processes. Your
Market Analysis will contribute your subsequent development of a coherent business-to-business Marketing
Plan (Assignment 2).

For your Market Analysis you will need to apply the concepts drawn primarily from Chapters 1 to 4 of the text
ook. You will need to be selective in the level of detail that you provide in your report. You will need to apply
concepts and processes from the textbook – but do not repeat the textbook. Assume the reader is familiar with
the concepts you are applying. In many places you will need to make reasonable assumptions about APMC and
the market you are entering. You must state your assumptions and justify them.

APMC buy film locally and re-sell to manufacturers and other intermediaries, as described in the preceding
ackground to the assignment task. This assignment is not an international market selection analysis. The
decision has already been made to enter one country. You do not have to justify which country you select –
you have selected one country and now you need to provide an analysis of the demand for pallet film
wrapping in the soft drink market for that country.

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You need to register your country in CloudDeakin by Wednesday 21 March. You may not change your
country once you have registered it. If you have not registered you will not be awarded marks for Assignment 1.
You need to choose a country that really exists and not a city or region!

To register:
Go to the “Country Register” forum in the CloudDeakin Discussion forums. You can sort messages in this forum
y subject to see the countries that have already been selected by other students.
Make sure that the country you want to choose actually exists and that there is data for the soft drink market in
Only five students may do the same country. You will need to check that the country you want has NOT
already been selected by five students. If your prefe
ed country has not already been selected by five other
students, post a new message with the name of the country as the first word in the "Subject" (not thread) of
your message. For example, “AUSTRALIA”. You may not choose Australia as your country.

Students who do not register a country by 5.00 pm on Wednesday 21 March or who choose a country
that has already been selected by five other students will NOT receive marks for Assignment 1.

The body of your Market Analysis report should be 1000 words and MAY NOT exceed 1,100 words.
Assignments exceeding the word-limits will be returned ungraded.
• The table of contents, other tables, graphs, diagrams, reference lists, and appendices are not included in the


XXXXXXXXXXDeakin's Bachelor of Commerce and MBA are internationally EPAS accredited.
Deakin Business School is accredited by AACSB.

Segmenting the
usiness market –
selection of
information about
market segments.

You need to meet GLO3
for digital literacy using
technologies to find, use,
and disseminate

GLO1. Discipline
knowledge and
capabilities. You need to
demonstrate your
understanding and
application of relevant

Here, you need to meet
GLO2 communication
equirements using oral,
written and interpersonal
communication to
inform, motivate and
effect change.
0 to 29%

30 to 49%
50 to 59%

60 to 69%
70 to 79%
80 to 100%
No or minimum application of
the following concepts.

The concepts include the
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Karan answered on Apr 14 2020
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Marketing Management
Table of Contents
Overview    1
Segmentation approach    1
Market analysis of Soft Drink industry    2
Segmentation is the process of selecting a specific area from the market where the business will enter and promote its products. The demand for soft drink in Egypt has been stable and packaging market is segmented on the basis of different materials. Soft drinks are available on different forms and packages like in bottle, in metal bottle and glasses (BMI Research, 2014). Thus, on industry basis, market will be selected. In the year 2014, it is being observed that the retail market for beverages increased significantly and that happened due to economic stability. The younger population in Egypt (more than 50%) consumes soft drinks; therefore they will be the major segments of the business entity.
Segmentation approach
Manufacturers are also looking on innovative packaging design and that is further supported by stern advertising and promotional campaigns. In Egypt, after water soft drink is the most consumed drink and that comes in plastic bottles; hence APMC needs to emphasize on the specific plastic bottles which will be wrapped with different attractive materials. Herein, packaging will play the most important role in soft drink market; thus APMC has the opportunities to sustain in the same area. It is also essential for APMC to conduct a market analysis prior conducting the business operations.
Egypt will be a suitable market for APMC because the consumption of soft drinks is more in the country; therefore it will allow APMC to expand the business operations greatly. Along with this, identification and analysis of the macro and micro factors is also vital because that might affect soft drink packaging market on a regional scale. More international soft drink
ands are entering into the market place; hence operations related to plastic wrapping can be enhanced accordingly. There are varied categories of bottles used in this industry; hence APMC can segment this specific market on demographic basis (Mordor Intellige, 2017). Here, focus will be laid on attractive and creative packaging so that products can be promoted at greater extent. Along with this, it will also assist in facilitating proper transportation of soft drink products to different retail markets
With the help of this segmentation, APMC will be able to capture the attention of more industries by its...

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