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Informal Fallacy Description/Quote/Image/URL link of Example Explanation 1. Equivocation 1. Appeal to Force 1. Abusive 1. Circumstantial 1. Appeal to inappropriate authority 1. Popular appeal 1. Hasty...

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Informal Fallacy
    Description/Quote/Image/URL link of Example
1. Equivocation
1. Appeal to Force
1. Abusive
1. Circumstantial
1. Appeal to inappropriate authority
1. Popular appeal
1. Hasty generalization
1. Accident
1. Ignorance
1. Begging the question
1. I
elevant conclusion
1. Naturalistic
1. Appeal to tradition

13 informal fallacies:
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Meenal answered on Jul 19 2020
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    A particular sugar industry once promoted its product with the tag line "sugar is an essential component of the body...a key material in all sorts of metabolic processes".
    This example amounts to equivocation fallacy because the company misguided its customers. The body has glucose(blood sugar) and not ordinary kitchen sugar(sucrose) in order to support vital metabolic functions of human beings.
Kahane H. and Cavender N. (1998)
    "If you do not accept that the sun o
its the earth you will be excommunicated from the church".
    This statement does not provide any evidence to support its statement. Rather it persuades the public to accept its argument using threats. therefore it amounts to appeal to force fallacy.
    A says: Stephen King's latest novel was not very impressive.
B says: Did you not fail in your sophomore year? A person like you will not understand literature anyway.
    In this example, without even discussing Stephen King's novel B ve
ally discredited A's sense of knowledge by belittling him thereby committing abusive fallacy.
Sullivan E.J. (2017)
    Susan says that gasoline should be taxed higher. But Bob refutes this by saying that since Susan is in the tax department she is biased to promote higher taxes.
    Here Bob has committed circumstantial fallacy. Just because Susan is in a position to voice out in favor of higher taxes, does not conclude that her arguments are inappropriate.
Lisle J. (2009).
    Richard Dawkins states that evolution is true. We believe it to be true because of his expertise...

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