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In this assignment you are expected to follow the problem solving stages (start with course Topics 1-3) to identify a specific problem, generate and evaluate solutions and devise an implementation...

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In this assignment you are expected to follow the problem solving stages (start with course Topics 1-3) to identify a specific problem, generate and evaluate solutions and devise an implementation plan.

You should take some time to identify a problem suitable for this assignment. This may have been, say, a past problem you’ve encountered at work, a situation reported in the media or a case study based on a fictitious scenario. Your task is to address this problem in a new way by application of tools and methods starting with those enunciated by Wood et al XXXXXXXXXXFour more (at minimum) academic references should be cited in the report.

Specific tasks or report elements:

  1. Problem background

  2. Problem definition

  3. Solution generation

  4. Solution evaluation

  5. Implementation and action plan

hi there,

please choose any topic that are related to management like any organisations certain problem or diversity at work place etc... that you may feel easy to explain.

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Problem introduction
Low engagement of employee is an organization executioner. As per a 2012 report, organizations around the world are burning through “$720 million USD” a year on enhancing their commitment levels. In any case, as per the Gallup report, just 30% of representatives are effectively locked in. Also, separated representatives cost the American economy $350 billion a year. The idea that commitment is driven principally by great or te
ible administration is obsolete and regularly covered in misconception. Today, representatives are searching for a feeling of reason in their occupations, an inclination that they're a piece of an option that is greater than them. New research recommends that this inclination isn't simply unfilled hypothesis and realigning work commitment turns into a business basic.
Problem background
Talent engagement plays a very important role in every organization as an engaged employee will tend to retain in organization for longer period hence, an engaged employee is an asset for a company.
In my company there were various engagement activities but the problem is that the employees are not much aware about it or if they are aware then they don’t give much attention to it or use it and if in future, company seeks to add more engagement activities they need to be clear about the existing activities efficiency and usage. The employees are killing the company environment by not getting engaged
Problem definition
As indicated by “Wood (2009)” characterizing an issue or a problem in an organization is most essential part for any organization because the e
ors that create issue in the work environment can direct the a
angements which are indecent. The main reason for problem definition stage is that one has to comprehend the setback in very detail manner and hence, expected to resolve the actual problem efficiently and effectively.
Tierney (1988) says that an organization way of life positive or negative – is "wo
ied about choices, activities and co
espondences and is reflected in “what is done”, “how it is done”, and “who is engaged with doing it".
Tools and technique which is accessible in the stage of “Problem Definition” are: the “SWOT Analysis” the “PEST Analysis”, the 5Ws(what, where, who, when, why) and the Root Cause Analysis or fish bone analysis.
To characterize/comprehend the issue completely and keep away from multifaceted nature and over-investigation, I have utilized the famous and straightforward apparatuses of 5Ws method of addressing and SWOT examination.
    Lack of employee engagement
    In the xyz company
    When the employees are asked to work low engagement is seen
    Superiors and subordinates
    Lack of satisfaction from work, favoritism, lack of team work
    1) Well trained employees
2) Good working environment
3) The company is very prestigious
4) Good salary
    1) No diversification in work
2) Lots of favoritism
3) Lack of team work due to groupism
4) Lack of work satisfaction
5) Monotonous working pattern
6) Lack of technology up-gradation
    1) Training and development
2) Appraisal on excellence achievement
3) promotion
    1) Attrition
2) disengaged employee= poor...

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