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Market culture report
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Rationale for your country of choice
The chosen country for doing business is India. The reasons for choosing this country is progressive approach towards international business. The recent changes in political, legal and social environment have been supportive for the business growth by the international players. One of big factors that have been evident is the rankings of ease of doing business has improved over the past few years. This has been possible because of many reasons that the government has been
inging over through the country. The infrastructure has improved which has attracted companies to invest locally. The changes have only been possible after the country opened in market in post liberalization era. The country has followed a path of growth since then. The location can be attractive for foreign investors when compared to other locations as the country is growing with one of the fastest growth rate. With 1.2 billion population, the country is home of diverse market which can no growing business would like to ignore. Unlike, most of the countries India has diverse geographic features which can used by companies for its advantage. The changing political landscape has really changed the business scenario for companies. The country is looking for big players to invest locally and grow up the business. The initiatives like made in India has been one of the initiatives taken by the government to boost up the business scenario and generate more employment. The cost of operations is comparatively cheaper in India as compared to other growing countries. (Iyer, LaPlaca, & Sharma,2006) The cost of labor can help in running operations without burning more cash. The connectivity has been improving everyday by all 3 modes of transport. The government has been taking big initiatives to connect every village or remote are via rail or road. The diverse populations demand for variety of products which gives any company for expanding its product portfolio without any additional cost. The geographical location gives an added advantage as the it provided efficient connectivity from air, land and water. Once business is established, it gives strategical advantage to access the subcontinent markets which gives opportunity for long term growth of business.
Detailed cultural analysis of India
Culturally, India is one of the places of world which is home to the world richest culture. But it must be understood that the culture followed in yesteryears and today are consisting of different aspects. The culture is evident in the people as we go to different parts of India which is also an aspect to be considered when running business. Considering the culture from work ethics and discussing it features. India can be seen a sheer combination of progress in all domains of economy i.e. FDI, trade and stocks. The nation is viewed that can
ing huge business opportunity and following the path of growth. India cultural domains might have gone through numerous changes, but their traditional cultural identity is still secure. It can be seen as combination of modernity and blend of traditions. The changes that have been observed can be said that are due to the internationalization process. (Fe
aro & Briody, 2013) The cultural impact cannot be ignored in economic progress that has been seen in past. For sustainably growing in India, the socio-cultural impact need to be taken in account which can also relate to the economic, social and political process. There are some challenges that businesses might face to such diversity in culture of India. The customer needs also changes as the culture changes which result in change in strategy as the same might not work in all the areas. The rules and regulations might also change as the it is very important that company complies with the culture followed in the region that they are running the business. For example, outrageous advertisement might not be taken in the right manner in parts of south India while it might attract the customers in north-west India.     
Highlight business culture of India, how it is different from your Australia
The comparison between Australia and India is being done on how the work...

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