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Table of Contents
1. Problem Statement and Research Objectives    3
2. Research Design    4
3. Data Collection Methods    5
4. Qualtrics Survey    5
5. Sample Selection    6
6. Data Analysis Techniques    7
7. Ethical Considerations    7
8. Reference List    8
9. Appendix    10
1. Problem Statement and Research Objectives
Safety and security aspects of any hospitality organisation are an indispensable area of concern. Every hospitality organisation such as hotels, inns, resorts and similar others are required to pay grave attention towards this area of their operations to ensure the protection of their visiting guests. As mentioned by Sea
a, A
antes and Kastenholz (2014), the concern only grows in proportion in case of individual or groups of multinational hotels. Similar is the scenario for the renowned multinational chain of hotels in Europe— Hamilton Group of Hotels that needs to assess its safety and security system with respect to its competencies with the global standards.
As stated by van Niekerk and Pizam (2015), a hotel needs to be aware of their competencies in terms of being able to meet safety and security standards because cu
ently, there have been a number of advancements in the technology related to maintaining safety in the hotels; nevertheless, the multinational hotel industry is still needed to raise its standards in accordance with these advancements. The increasing incidents of te
orism, workplace hazards, natural calamities and medical emergencies have drawn the attention of the management of the multinational hotel group in reconsidering their resource allocation to ensure that they are allocating their resources for security and safety in the appropriate way (Singh, 2015). Besides, the changing trends of safety system and preferences of the customers have also compelled the conduction of this research in this context.
At par with the identified problem statement, the research objectives are as follows:
· To identify and understand the major areas of safety and security affecting Hamilton Hotel
· To analyse the actions to be taken for addressing and resolving the safety as well as security issues of the multinational group of hotels with specific focus on Hamilton Hotel
· To evaluate the decision-making process of investing in safety and security of the hotel
2. Research Design
The type of research methodology opted for this research topic and for resolving the research problems identified, will be a primary quantitative methodology. As defined by Gravetter and Forzano (2018), a primary quantitative research methodology is the one, in which precise, numerical data are gathered from the involvement of human participants, so that their first-hand opinions, experiences, feelings or suggestions could be achieved. Moreover, as supported by Kelle and Buchholtz (2015), it is also quite convenient, cost-effective and timesaving.
It is to be noted that initially, it was planned to conduct qualitative research on the topic for gathering detailed information from the customers, security personnel and managers of Hamilton Hotel. However, as criticised by Brinkmann (2014), qualitative research is elaborative, time-consuming, and might involve a complex set-up, which is why it will be rejected and quantitative method will be chosen. It would be opted for the proposed research because the research issue concerns seeking first-hand information from the management and security personnel of the hotel organisation Hamilton Hotel in order to assess the extent to which they are updated with their knowledge on the contexts of security and safety of the hospitality organisation. Therefore, opinions, ideas and shortcoming in this area would be identified from this research type.
A descriptive research will be followed for conducting the literature review first on this topic so that an initial background knowledge is gained on the same. This will be proceeded towards collecting the data that actually answer the research issue. As informed by Kelle and Buchholtz (2015), a descriptive research involves critically analysing the information on the research topic and issue in such a way that a thorough perception is gained on it.
On the contrary, the other types of investigations— exploratory and explanatory will not be used here due to their inappropriateness to the nature of the research. As mentioned by Royo-Vela and Hunermund (2016), exploratory research indulges method to explore the research issue where it is not identified specifically, while Decoteau (2017) informs that explanatory research involves the mere explanations of the prevalent information on the topic, without attempting to gather new data.
3. Data Collection Methods
The method of data collection suitable for this research will be that of a quantitative research only, where...

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