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I provided the form you will fill out according to the instructions and information on Word docx. If you do not understand please send me a message. Please send me back the form thank you. My role in...

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M4 #2 - Assessment and Treatment Plans (wk 9)
Post and discuss draft assessment and treatment plans.
Now that you and your team identified client needs and strengths, you are ready to work individually with your client in your role as a nurse practitioner member of the staff of the Wallace Stevens Community Center.
Create an assessment and treatment plan that you and your client completed together, using the form below. Use as much space as you need in the form. 
You and your team will work together to develop coordinated and collaborative assessments and treatment plans to help Mr. Brown achieve his goals. For this week's discussion, you won't have a scenario with the client's quotes built into it. Instead, you and your team will get creative and imagine that you had a second or third meeting with Mr. Brown to develop the assessment in collaboration with him.  You will include direct quotes from Mr. Brown in the assessment to demonstrate that it reflects what he needs. 
I Provided:
1. I provided the clients strength and needs.
2. I also provide separate document of the form you have to fill out. Remember my role of the agency is a Nurse practitioner.
3. I also provided below what is the agency.
4. Marvin Brown Case
Client Description of Situation:
The client’s name is Marvin Brown, commonly known as Marv, sought assistance from our agency due to the multitude of challenges he was facing in his life. At the age of 29, Marvin was single and had been honorably discharged from the Army. Initially, he had joined the Army intending to earn money to complete his college education. However, after managing only two years of a four-year program, he had to drop out due to financial constraints and the desire to avoid accumulating loan debt. Uncertain about his academic path, Marvin enlisted in the Army and was stationed in a combat unit in Afghanistan. His time there was a mix of both positive and deeply distressing experiences. The haunting memories of his service often plagued his sleep, causing him to fear falling asleep and reliving those nightmares. Consequently, he resorted to combining his prescribed sleeping pills and antidepressants with alcohol in order to attain some rest, despite being aware of the risks involved. “I combine prescription sleeping pills and my antidepressant with beer just to get a little sleep” he states.  Presently, Marvin is employed at a convenience store. However, his recent incident of falling asleep on the job has resulted in his boss warning him that another occu
ence will lead to termination he stated “The boss told me today that I’ll be fired if I fall asleep on the job one more time.” This has left Marvin in a state of great distress and anxiety, as he is unable to afford his apartment and fears becoming homeless. Although he states, “My parents say that I can live with them”, Marvin is reluctant to stay with them and be a burden to them with his troubles. He is overwhelmed and perplexed, yearning to regain stability, complete his education, establish a career, and start afresh. Marvin states “I want to start living again”, but he finds himself at a loss, unsure of where or how to begin. It is for these reasons that Marvin seeks the assistance of our agency.
Client Needs:
The client's mental condition was severely compromised. He experienced feelings of nervousness, despair, and struggling to sleep due to distressing nightmares. Consequently, Mr. Brown states “I know it’s dangerous” he relies on antidepressants and sleep aids to alleviate his symptoms. Concerning regaining to take control of his life, he was extremely confused and perplexed. He expressed a strong desire to restore stability and resume his daily routine he stated “I really want to get stabilized.” He wants the agency's help, as he found our agency to be a community-based, one-stop shopping kind of place. He required support to realign his life, achieve stability, and em
ace a fulfilling existence once again. Since then, he has been grappling with the question of how and where to begin. He seeks guidance and suggestions on completing his education and pursuing a career. Mr. Brown needs a plan on how not to mix the two medications with alcohol and a strategic plan on how he can succeed in his goals and aspirations.
Client Strengths:
The client possesses a remarkable resilience, as he has faced numerous challenges and hurdles throughout his life. However, instead of being discouraged by these circumstances, he remains resolute in his determination to rebuild his life and continue his educational and professional endeavors. Mr. Brown is well aware of the risks associated with combining the two medications with alcohol. His true fortitude lies in his optimism, which not only sustains him but also guarantees his speedy recovery from this state of melancholy and anxiety.
The Wallace Stevens Community Center* Agency
Agency Mission: The Wallace Stevens Community Center (WSCC) seeks to support, strengthen, and empower adults in the north country by providing them with access to a wide variety of services including medical, mental health, continuing education, housing, career counseling, and temporary financial assistance.
Agency Outcome Goals: The adults who are served by the Wallace Stevens Community Center will achieve ongoing stability as evidenced by:
· Completing client education goals within 2 years from the initiation of service
· Obtaining stable employment within 1 year from the initiation of service
· Obtaining stable housing within 3 months from the initiation of service
· Achieving physical and psychological wellness or management of chronic medical conditions within 1 year from the initiation of service
Agency Description: The Wallace Stevens Community Center (WSCC) provides a
oad a
ay of services through its multi-disciplinary staff and its community-based network of agencies and programs. The central office of the WSCC is located in Glens Falls with satellite offices throughout the north country to provide access to services to individuals in remote rural areas.
Agency Operations
Each office is staffed with a case coordinator, nurse practitioner, caree
adult education specialist, financial specialist, mental health counselor and substance abuse counselor. Each office will use the same management information system to demonstrate accountability to its executive board, its funders, its clients and other community stakeholders; to evaluate the efficacy of service delivery at the individual practitioner and organizational levels (whether services enabled clients to reach outcome goals), and to communicate within the agency and externally with key stakeholders and the community.
Agency Treatment Approach
As a staff member of WSCC, you are expected to work with clients and each other according to the principles of a strengths-based, solution-focused practice. When employing a solution-focused practice:
· Clients are given an opportunity to describe their needs and problems.
· The service provider assists the client to identify their strengths and resources.
· The service provider works with clients to develop well formed goals as soon as possible inviting the client to consider “What will be different in your life when your needs are met and your problems are solved?”
· The service provider asks clients to consider a time when their needs were met and their problems were not present.
· The service provider assists clients to consider how they can use their strengths and supports to solve their problems.
· At the end of each meeting, the service provider summarizes agreements and next steps, including activities to reach goals, and who is responsible for doing what.
Agency Treatment Teams
Throughout agency involvement, service providers and clients evaluate the progress being made toward reaching satisfactory solutions and meeting needs.
As a staff member of WSCC, you are expected to collaborate with your colleagues as a member of a treatment team. Each member of the treatment team will serve the client according to his or her role and specialty. Each member of the treatment team will collaborate with the team and client to identify client needs and strengths. Each team member will work with the client to identify outcomes and activities to achieve them and communicate the goals and progress toward them to the team. Each member of the team will refer clients to community-based agencies as needed.
Agency Refe
al Network
The staff of WSCC will supplement the direct service that they provide with refe
als to a variety of community-based services including, but not limited to the Adirondack Food Pantry and Fresh Food Network, the Lewis, Washington, St. Lawrence, Wa
en, Essex, Clinton, Herkimer Counties of Departments of Social Services and Health and Mental Health, Adirondack Community College, United Churches and Synagogues Community Services Center, Volunteers for North Country Wellness, the North County YMCA and YWCA, Volunteers in Service to America, Supporting Our Greatest Resource: Our Neighbors, the North Country Business Association’s not for profit public service agency and Pro Bono Legal Services.
This is my role in the agency is a
Nurse Practitioner – Responsible for refe
ing patients to a physician for initial diagnosis and treatment. With the client, develop and monitoring a wellness plan to reduce/manage symptoms and to achieve wellness goals
Case Scenario One – Marv Brown
Hi. My name is Marvin Brown but most people call me Marv. I am glad that I found your agency. I’ve a lot going on in my life and I hope you can help. I am 29 years old and single. I was discharged from the Army with an honorable discharge. I joined the Army to make money to finish college. I made it through two years of a four year program but I had to drop out because I ran out of money and, I didn’t want to rack up a lot of loan debt. To be honest, I didn’t know what I wanted to study. So, I joined the Army and was stationed to a combat unit in Afghanistan. I had some good experiences and some very bad ones. Sometimes, it’s like I am back in Afghanistan. I have nightmares that are so real I am afraid to go back to sleep. Sometimes, I combine prescription sleeping pills and my antidepressant with beer just to get a little sleep. I know it’s dangerous. Half the time, I feel out of it. I work at a convenience store. The boss told me today that I’ll be fired if I fall asleep on the job one more time. I can’t afford to stay in my apartment, and I am afraid that I will be homeless. My parents say that I can live with them but I don’t want to be a burden. I want my own place.
So, that’s it. I told you that I had a lot going on. I heard that you were a community-based, one-stop shopping kind of place. I know that I need help to get my life back on track. I really want to get stabilized so that I can start living again. I want to finish my education, too, and have a career. I just don’t know how and where to start.
Additional Information:
Mr. Brown’s date of birth is 3/29/1994. He lives on 50 Ten Broeck Rd. in Rensselaer NY 12144.  The last four digits of his social security number are 1234. He signed a form authorizing your agency to release information as needed. Agency staff explained the circumstances under which information can be released with consent. Staff also explained the circumstances under which information can be released without his consent. The release expires on 8/28/24. His pronouns are he/his/him.

Name:                    Team:            Assigned Role:    
Client Name:
Purpose of Service: (Example: Assist the client to find secure housing. Note: the Purpose of Service should fall within the mission of the agency)
Client Goal/Outcome: (Example: Mr. Brown’s goal is to find affordable, secure housing within six weeks)
Activities/Services to Reach Goal/Outcome
· State what the client will do to reach the goal/outcome
· State what the worker will do to reach the goal/outcome
· Describe how the activities/services are intended to reach the goal/outcome
Services Provided by Agency Staff – Underline the services provided
· Direct service – consultation
· Refe
al (describe)

Resources to Help Client Reach Goal/Outcome
Strengths that Will Help Client to Reach Goal/Outcome
Describe what it will look like for the client when the goal/outcome is reached. What will be different in the client’s life?
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Table of contents
Activities/Services to Reach Goal/Outcome    3
Client Actions    3
Worker Actions    3
Services Provided by Agency Staff    4
Direct service    4
Resources to Help Client Reach Goal/Outcome    4
Strengths that Will Help Client to Reach Goal/Outcome    4
Outcome    4
· Client Name: Marvin Brown
· Purpose of Service: Help the client attain stability in his life by taking care of his mental health issues, finding a steady job, and getting housing.
· Client Goal/Outcome: Mr. Brown wants to be stable again in his life. He wants to find steady work within six months, locate housing within three months, and manage his mental health well enough that he doesn't need to use alcohol and medicine together.
Activities/Services to Reach Goal/Outcome
Client Actions
· Attend therapy sessions on a regular basis to discuss mental health issues and create coping mechanisms for anxiety and nightmares.
· Adhere according to the recommended dosage schedule and avoid taking prescription drugs with alcohol.
· Examine your possibilities for...

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