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I need toWrighta 5 - 7 pages paper about Joseph Kony.

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I need toWrighta 5 - 7 pages paper about Joseph Kony.
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Robert answered on Dec 20 2021
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The Menace of the LRA: Destruction of LRA

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Throughout the course of human history it has been proved that no extremist
movement involving armed conflicts did ever emerge as appropriate means of
addressing any socio-economic or political problem dwelling in any human society. And
the missions and purposes of the extremist groups in this modern era are in line with
this futility. Related to this concept, the purpose of this paper is to discuss about the
menace of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) led by Joseph Kony, which has devastated
the lives of innumerable African children by transforming them into
utal war
machines and this in turn has devastated the lives of thousands of families to which
these children belonged. At the initial stages of the movement of the LRA Kony
apparently “forged a new vision of Acholi-hood, based on individual salvation and
purity” (Doom & Vlassenroot, 2010) but in reality it was means to
ing down the devil
into the realm of human society.
Led by Joseph Kony, The LRA “a small, dispersed armed group in central Africa
that originated 24 years ago in Uganda” (Arieff & Ploch, 2012) has inflicted
widespread human suffering which has not only
ought social instability but has also
destructed the economy of different regions of central Africa. The LRA originated as a
ebel group fighting for the interest of the Acholi people but eventually it became an
instrument of violence which has been recu
ently employed by Kony to satisfy his own
political and economic interest and to suppress his detractors. Though Kony may be
considered as the pivotal reason behind the formation of this rebel group, the motto of
the group came into being due to another reason and “the social disorder that the
National Resistance Movement, led by cu
ent President Museveni, inherited in 1986
after the downfall of the Acholi-led Okello regime, contained the root causes for

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continued insurgency” (Acker, 2004). The movement started by the LRA, however,
failed to gather the support of common people and hence, the group, for the last twenty
four years, has led a petrifying regime and has unjustifiably targeted and killed innocent
people and has deliberately kidnapped numerous children to force them and turn them
into soldiers of the rebel group. The LRA was successfully driven out of Uganda by the
Ugandan army and now the satanic rebels of the LRA are “scattered across the
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Central African Republic (CAR) and southern
Sudan, where
utal attacks continue on remote villages that can take months to be
eported” (“THE LORD’S RESISTANCE ARMY”, 2012)
It is always pathetic to learn how the lives of children across the globe are being
torn apart by the
utalities of wars but the situation becomes grimmer if the children
are forced to fight within an armed conflict. Such forceful inclusions of children in
extremist rebel groups can not only damage the children’s physical health but adversely
affect and deteriorate their mental health too. In any corner of this world children
should be provided with the fundamental human right of having education and should
e given thorough scope of going to school and living a violence-free life. But these basic
human rights of children are being snatched away by monsters like Joseph Cony whose
existence is itself a menace to the human society. Abduction of children and their
forceful inclusion in rebel groups killing innocent people is a serious social issue which
can devastate the future of the regions from where these children are been kidnapped. If
children are turned into...

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