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Walid Lamkhatri Professor Sergi Management 300 April 11, 2018 Chapter 10 Points to Ponder Questions for Review: 1. What are the general steps in the decision­making process, and how can the different...

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Walid Lamkhatri 
Professor Sergi 
Management 300 
April 11, 2018 
Chapter 10 Points to Ponder 
Questions for Review: 
1. What are the general steps in the decision­making process, and how can the different 
types of organizational decisions be characterized? 
2. How do individual decision style, group influences, and organizational influences affect 
decision making in organizations? 
3. What are the major differences between the rational­economic model the administrative 
model, and the image theory approach to individual decision making? 
4. How does each of the following factors contribute to the imperfect nature of decisions: 
framing effects, reliance on heuristics, decision biases, and the tendency to escalate 
commitment to a losing course of action? 
5. When it comes to making decision making, under what conditions are individuals 
superior to groups and under what conditions are groups superior to individuals? 
6. What traditional techniques and computer­based techniques can be used to improve the 
quality of decisions made by groups or individuals? 
Experimental Questions: 
Lamkhatri 2 
1. Think of any decision you recently made Would you characterize it as programmed or 
unprogrammed? Highly certain or highly uncertain? Top­down or empowered? Explain 
your answers. 
2. Identify ways in which various decisions you have made were biased by framing, 
heuristics, the use of implicit favorites, and the escalation of commitment.  
3. Think of various decisions­making groups in which you have participated over the years. 
Do you think that groupthink was involved in these situations? What signs were evident? 
4. Pretend you are a sales manager, How do you handle this? How do you direct your 
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Shanaaya answered on Apr 08 2020
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Points to Ponde
    Decision Making Process
*    2018
[Points to Ponder]
Questions for Review
1) For the decision-making process, it is important to outline the goals and the purpose to do a specific task. After this, the analysis and assessment can help in taking appropriate steps towards the decision making process (Pettigrew). While making one strategy to reach the goal, an alternative strategy should also be planned. Towards the goals, the critical path should be monitored and checked with the measured success. The decisions can be altered based on the findings.
2) The individual decision should be in line with the group decision making. If the individual decision is risk-taking and the group decision is to be risk-averse, it results in conflicts ultimately leading to organization getting influenced while approaching the goals. The group decisions and the individual's decisions make choices which are important for the organizational decision-making process. The individual's decisions are governed by perception. With the group, they make choices which influence the organization decisions (Rothman).
3) All the models are different while considering the decisions making the process as applied to the organization or the enterprise. The difference is the rational model is a first attempt to know and approach a decision-making process. in this approach the decisions, objectives, problems are clear and people make rational decisions based on it. the administrative model makes a decision which is bounded by...

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