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i have chosen spaceship company. it is a new company who invest peoples' super fund on their interesting area like google, uber, etc.. please follow this criteria Assessment Criteria: 1. Provide a...

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i have chosen spaceship company. it is a new company who invest peoples' super fund on their interesting area like google, uber, etc..
please follow this criteriaAssessment Criteria:

1. Provide a succinct description of the business, the industry in which it operates, the market or markets it serves, and the products and services it provides (10%)

2. Describe the business model canvas of the selected business using the nine building blocks (20%)

3. Explain the key relationships that exist across the nine building blocks (20%)

4. Identify and discuss the critical success factors the business has to get right to achieve sustainable success (20%)

5. Evaluate what will contribute to downside risk (10%)

6. Discuss the changes you would make to the business model if this was your business (20%)

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Abr Writing answered on Mar 28 2020
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Table of Contents
Introduction    4
Organisation Overview    4
Findings and Analysis    4
Business Canvas Model    4
Key relationships that exist in Business Canvas Model building blocks    6
Critical success factors    6
Risk Management    6
Recommendation    7
Conclusion    7
References    9
Appendices:    1
Key to success of any organisation depends on their business model, their vision, management risk, and future modification needed to cope with the future. Spaceship is a new company in finance sector which manages people's funds in their sector of interests such as Google Inc. and Uber. The company is based on wealth management and superannuation. Nowadays where expenditure of every people are increasing day by day, people really do need future plan by virtue of which they can spend their afterlife without any hassle, that is they need something from which they can earn money even when they are not able to work. A solution to this major problem has been taken care of by Spaceship Company and this paper discusses business model of the company.
Organisation Overview
Spaceship Company is a new finance company which is based on Sydney, Australia. It is primarily a finance company whose motto is they are on a mission to help new generation build wealth. As mentioned previously, expenditure per person is increasing day by day, so during one’s entire career he/she should not only focus on earning money but also he/she must know how to invest and how to save. This savings comes into play in later part of his/her life when he will be retired. Spaceship Company focuses this area and takes in the Superannuation process. The Superannuation is an organisational pension programme created by a company to benefit its employees after retirement. Spaceship Company takes money from people, invest that money into their favourite sectors such as Google Inc. and Uber, and after retirement they give the money back to clients with some additional benefits according to the plan chosen by that employee. The employee not necessarily is an employee of Spaceship Company but employees of other sectors can also avail this scheme.
Findings and Analysis
Business Canvas Model
The following discussion is based on Nine Building Blocks Model. According to Bocken et al. (2014), these nine are building blocks of a company.
Key Partners: In words of Voigt et al. (2017), a large business is based on the trust among partners. For Spaceship, their partners are Multinational Companies such as Google and Uber. People who are investing their money also become their partners. Anyone can join in their mission to build wealth for future.
Key Activities of the Company: Primarily Spaceship is a finance company which is based on investment by the people for their future. Many time people invest but face a huge loss, but in spaceship the people do not need to wo
y about their investment decision, because company chooses wisely to invest for their investing partners.
Value Propositions: As mentioned by Sinkovics et al. (2017), the value proposition is the symbol of growth for any company. The value proposition of the first two products of the chosen company Growth X and Global Index are $120,000 and $105,500 respectively.
Customer relationship: As already mentioned earlier the spaceship company collaborates with MNCs such as Google and Uber. They cu
ently work in investment sector only. Any one wish to work with Spaceship can contact them separately.

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