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To whom it may concern, I present myself I am Marie Armandine 24 years of age and student . As I am experiencing a lot of problem while living in Australia I have been very positive since day one and...

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To whom it may concern,
I present myself I am Marie Armandine 24 years of age and student . As I am experiencing a lot of problem while living in Australia I have been very positive since day one and have been giving up a lot of times but stand stronger . But here is my story when I first came to Australia I was very homesick and depressed, my sister and my
other in law was happy to host me for at least one year so I was lucky not paying any rent but then I move by my own because it was getting harder and harder stress of caring for my nephew helping them with all the housework this was too much for me as I was also studying, travel time was 2hours and working as well. So I moved far from Geelong and started slowly slowly to move on and I went to school as usual but the normal routine I went to work and for no reason my boss came to me and said I am so
y to said that but we can’t have you anymore as there’s too much staff here and we are experiencing some lost budget issues and it is winter so when we will business will start to go well we will call, it was the last time I get a call from them . I was with no job, rent which was due the next week , I decided to get help from my sister which was happy to help me out for some time . I finally found a job in Melbourne which was not my field it was cleaner job, I did that for some time but I was exploit, I needed to clean a big hall for a cream industry which took me 4hours to mop and another 4hours to clean those machinery ,when I finally got home I was exhausted . I didn’t have a TV to watch or any entertainment . It was work, home and bed, I have been struggling a lot, it was constant fatigue, I couldn’t even study . I didn’t attend school for a while as I have depression and no one to talk about my problems, But I met my partner one day he helped me out while I was struggling but when he found out about my pregnancy he did not stay and left me on my own . From this day, I decided that I will make my best to raise my child and do everything for him to stay here and to be recognized as citizen of this country . I have been hiding my pregnancy from my family, relatives, colleagues and friends for a long long time until it was too much for me . I started to forge ahead for my son and work hard till I can save money until the birth of my baby . I was planning ahead and start selling some unwanted stuff so I could have some extra cash . My routine day ,was keeping on running to catch the bus while holding my belly so baby Ethan do not get hurt but while he was moving left and right it was very tricky to do more efforts but I make it . I take my leave from work and get some rest after 7 months working hard . But I decided to look up for hospital for me to give birth but some requested an amount of money which I couldn’t afford , I was desperate I thought I would I have given birth at home but with persistence, courage and help from my sister I found an Hospital which was most happy to welcome me and follow me till it was time for me to give birth to my baby . And now my son is here and is in good health, he is a happy and healthy baby . He give me happiness and help me to succeed through my studies, I successfully passed my examinations and got my cert and Diploma but I have one wish I have been fighting for a long time for him to be recognized as citizen of Australia and I am maintaining my decision on having a passport for him but as I am non resident of this country they couldn’t give me a passport for him and told me that I need to do a Mauritian passport for him but he was born and conceived in country I never went home since I came to study here . I worked hard for this country and still work hard and I will do anything for my child I love him and God knows how a mother love her child. I very much love this country and understand the law here but my circumstances is very different I have never been through this before, it is harder for me and since dad left me and never came again and never ask to be in this situation but it comes that everything in life comes in your way for a reason and my reason is my son . It will be much appreciated if you read my letter . Thank you very much.
Kindly Regards,
Marie Armandine.
Answered Same Day Apr 09, 2020


Soumi answered on Apr 10 2020
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To whom it may concern,
Immigration Department,
        Subject: Letter requesting my Son’s Recognition as an Australian Citizen
        This is to state that I, Marie Armandine, am 24 years old and presently, a student. I am an immigrant to Australia and have been living; with my sister as well as
other-in-law in Geelong, initially. However, I moved out of them, due to the situations becoming strenuous for me because of doing their household chores, looking after my nephew, travelling for 2 hours to work and study. I have faced a lot of problems since...

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